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Friday, August 21, 2009

2010 Ford Flex with EcoBoost First Drive Review

2010 Ford Flex with EcoBoost First Drive Review
By model year 2010, Ford is the beginning of the initiative EcoBoost, a dramatic, that the company the entire spectrum in the coming years. Through the use of turbochargers and direct injection engines with a small road, Ford says it can improve performance and fuel economy. The company expects that only 1.3 million EcoBoost engines on the road by the year 2013 and provides the technology in 90 percent of its models.

The Flex crossover is seven of the first Ford to EcoBoost. Using a 3.5-liter V-6, reached Flex Performance V-8 V-6 with the fuel. The EcoBoost Flex (which is only compatible with all drive wheels) through the same basic fuel of all wheels, Flex, which is 16/22 mpg.

The Ford EcoBoost engine technology is not revolutionary, but the society of the generalization of such an adoption is unique. In the 3.5-liter V-6, two turbochargers spin as speedy as 170,000 rpm to force more air in to the engine while the fuel injectors spray techniques gasoline in to the cylinders to 2175 bar. Adding more air and fuel combustion energy can be squeezed from each event.

there's lots of automobile manufacturers, the engine power Detune 10-20 PS in the relatives of the intersection, but receives the same flex 355 hp, the Ford Taurus SHO, the Lincoln MKS and Lincoln MKT. Ford has with its first EcoBoost engine must place more emphasis on the economic performance of the fuel to make a positive impression of the technology. Future Ford engines with turbochargers and direct injection, may even stronger on the economy of the fuel in the equation. The torque is at 350 lb-ft and extends from 1500 to 5250 rpm. This is the flat plate curve relatives, an inspiring and effective breathing, when the leverage of the gases will be planted. Ford estimates 0-to-60-mph acceleration occurs in about 7 seconds.

EcoBoost all turn a switch in manual mode for the automatic six-speed manual gearbox, with steering wheel mounted paddles transition. Paddles are a big and for the power of the engine, but may in certain sophistication. If the motion to the left in to the drive, palettes can not be used to select a gear. The manual gearbox is happy, down with a speed speedy enough, but sometimes not restrictive (yes, they've said). Several times they've seven for the low, and the Flex obliged to increase the gear - right at the top of the red line. To cap it all, the large, matte finished the revision of the controller is not made of plastic in his place in comparison to the rest of the well-Trimmed cabin.

over an engine upgrade
The Flex with EcoBoost is over a flex with a different engine. The team was also the suspension of the springs with stiffer, the depreciation rates and a ground clearance was lowered ten millimeters. Combined with the already low ground clearance and an excellent mastery of the body, the subtle changes make this seven of the best Flex crossings, in the handling on the market and a lovely job disguising its 4839-pounds.

Ford has also EcoBoost bends with electrical energy management (base continues to flex a hydraulic). The biggest advantage is that Ford can, in future its Active Park Assist (see below), but the method also have a feature called "pull-drift compensation. When the driver turned the steering wheel easy to keep the vehicle right on the street or a crown strong side airbags, the computer detects the difference and be active. By couple of small quantities to keep the wheel center can be the driver the amount finished to the wheel and the automobile is naturally straight.

The lovers of the crossover
Ford EcoBoost praises the advantages of a pragmatic focus: to improve coupling tool on the average fuel economy. they agree that these attributes are admirable. But the leadership of the winding trails in the Rocky Mountains in Boulder, Colorado, they came to the Flex EcoBoost as something else: a passionate connection. Combined with confidence surprising mastery of body and handle, pair-engine is a monster fun. All wheels have foot securely and joysticks, they were able to adapt up and down through the gears to promote and hold hands.

2010 Ford Flex with EcoBoost First Drive Review

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