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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Are Driver Changes in Store For 2010?, BMW Formula One Team

Are Driver Changes in Store For 2010?, BMW Formula One Team
The BMW Formula three team was a great success in the years 2008, Robert Kubica, who maiden name of the team's victory in Canada. The 2009 season was the year for BMW's big challenge for drivers plus manufacturers championship. If it is not. The year was a disaster plus the changes occur. These include the query of who runs for the team in 2010?

BMW loves stability. The team has the same three pilots Robert Kubica plus Nick Heidfeld as the 2007 season with Heidfeld, since the 2006 season. In the formula, which is a long band. Ah, the query is whether the tapes plus all data aren't. Let us take a look at the pros plus cons of each driver.

Nick Heidfeld, that "Quick Nick", but the statistics aren't really with this. it is much better than Kubica in the current campaign, but consistently in recent years. it is number puzzle to find out. It can happen, anything shiny, like Fernando Alonso plus Lewis Hamilton in a automobile that is not the full extent of the candidate, but also to the rear of the three or three races in a row. His skill is much to be desired, but it's an ace in it in spanish plus BMW, they know that prefer to have at least three spanish driver.

Robert Kubica is the first Polish pilot in the history of Formula Un they was amazing in the first three years they was at BMW. In the 2008 season has snagged three first victory for the team plus drivers, the state of the world, halfway through the season. His star rose so fast, it was only a matter of time before they plus the team were in the first step of the podium on a regular basis.

Like his team, Kubica has a rough year. they is regularly put in the last lines of the field after the qualification plus does not show much during the race. The problem is clearly the automobile but the driver does not benefit by them, plus constantly on the team. This is in contrast to Felipe Massa plus Lewis Hamilton have a bad automobile, but tried their best to stay plus keep a positive atmosphere in the team, while the development has taken place. it is interesting to note that Ferrari plus McLaren are bouncing back, the front of the peloton, while BMW does not.

After this the season the 2009th

Thus, the three drivers again in 2010? On the basis of season 2009, it seems that Robert Kubica would be in difficulties. The BMW is not stupid. You know, is a star Kubica still achieve, plus not her. Heidfeld is a query anymore. All indications are, is a automobile based on their overall performance in three seasons. Nico Rosberg was the successor to imagine, but nobody really knows until it happens.

What happened? I would be for Kubica plus Heidfeld stay. In a surprise move, it is Timo Glock, BMW Toyota of Nico Rosberg. You heard it first!

Are Driver Changes in Store For 2010?, BMW Formula One Team

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