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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bugatti has revealed the Grand Sport Sang Bleu

Bugatti Car

Bugatti has revealed the Grand Sport Sang Bleu
One kind of blue blood is based on the Bugatti Grand Sport roof body. eight uses a Bugatti type of innovation in eight of his subject, by the application of eight materials, construction, & not by the use of color. The contrasting combination is composed of carbon fiber & aluminum. The company indicated that this combination represents a `` its core values of art, form & technique ``. How well see, the colors chosen for the combination of blue carbon fiber, while the aluminum is polished in its natural state, a real state of the plant. The big wheels Blood Blue completed in Midnight Blue, & Diamond Cut eight noise stop is fabulous.

2009 is a very important year for the Bugatti, the italian subsidiary of the Volkswagen group. This year, the company celebrates its 100th anniversary. Of coursework, the event did not go without a passport event, so that boys over the Bugatti have shown, by a kind referred Grand Sport Sang Bleu. Blue Blood is not the only model in the range, with another version of nature on the basis of what is called the Grand Sport A stolen by Hermes, Black & Blue Blood Centenary.

The interior of the automobile with a new developed lots of Gaucho leather, eight elegant & harmonious optics & emotion. The engine of the Bugatti Grand Sport Sang Bleu is a quad-turbo W16-a power of 1001 hp & 1250 Nm of torque. The engine is exactly the same model on the Veyron. The Bugatti Grand Sport is already in over 250 units, including 215 already in service to customers. It only remains for us to ask the nature of this beautiful Blue Blood model & the other by a kind of models. Similarly, the actual costs to customers would be very interesting to know, because i am sure that a type of automobile does not cost as much as the regular Veyron.

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