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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Cool Choice, 2010 Opel Zaire

A Cool Choice, 2010 Opel Zaire
The 1.7 CDTI engine is replaced by the 74 kW/100 hp 1.9 CDTI & 88KW/120 hp 1.9-liter diesel engines in 2010 in Zaire. Expand the power is 1.7 CDTI 20nm torque rise & 40 Nm, while fuel consumption & CO2 emissions reduced.

Zaire in 2010, Opel has to buyers for several reasons. The 77 KW/105 hp 1.6-liter engine consumes approximately 7.0 liters of fuel per 100 km. The four-cylinder with five valve is also obtainable as an option. Data provided by the 1.7 CDTI engine is 92 hp & 81KW/110 joined KW/125hp & the 1.7 CDTI engine was designed for 2008 models. Both come with six-speed, common rail injection with four-valve technology, view, control, & maintenance & the filter in particular.

Both diesel engines produce only 152 g of CO2 & consume 5.7 liters of fuel per 100 km. The new technique of Zaire has some strong points, which also shows optional chassis electronic CDC (Continuous Damping Control). It provides a dimension of conduct exclusive, as more security. The sensors control & solidarity for the ABS & CDC data consistency, so that Instant-optimization of the lander, setting the integrated command. The AFL-bi-xenon headlights & Adaptive Forward Lighting with dynamic curve light embed properly in the compact van segment.

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