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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Jaguar XJ Pricing Announced at Pebble Beach 2010 All New

2010 Jaguar XJ Pricing Announced at Pebble Beach

Jaguar XJ Pricing Announced at Pebble Beach 2010 All New
The new Jaguar XJ provides a bold new spirit of luxury cars

The new Jaguar XJ 2010, its North American debut of the 59th Annual Meeting of Pebble Beach Concours d `Elegance Thursday Night Kick-Off event today at Pebble Beach in Monterey, California The first, the first shot in the luxury car Pebble Beach Show, at the high end of several brands of luxury cars are new.

The flagship Jaguar XJ, the beginning of the sale of 2010 offers a seductive blend of design and provides robust performance by Jaguar `s for air and space, inspired by the technology in lightweight aluminum. The new Jaguar XJ is a starting price of $ 72,500 and above EIA of $ 115,000 for PS 510 XJ Super Sport.

"Today's demanding raises the use of luxury brands, new products on the market," said Richard Beattie, Executive Vice President, Marketing and Sales, Jaguar North America. "Not every new car wins hearts and heads of the luxury buyer. Pebble Beach this weekend is extremely important in defining the design and implementation of the credibility of a new luxury automobile. We believe that the Jaguar XJ is enormous enthusiasm for the new Jaguar. "

Built on the success of the XK and XF, the new XJ is the third step in the revitalization of the Jaguar and the world `s have a great sports sedan. The new XJ is in standard and long wheelbase models. The long wheelbase provides more extensive and refined for the rear passenger seat with one leg five inches of freedom without the root XJ `s, the power of the opening and closing an easy access to the 15 we / 2 ft. space (with the combination of space-saving spare wheel).

The new Jaguar XJ provides new standards for vehicle durability luxury segment. The lightweight aluminum, it is at least 300 lbs. Steel body to facilitate the construction, and is compatible with 50% recycling of material for the XJ to minimize their carbon footprint and create a potential for three tonnes of CO2 per vehicle, compared with a new aluminum body. This inspired aluminum aerospace technologies also provide benefits for the performance, handling and fuel consumption, increasing the resistance at the same time, finesse and security.

"We are proud of the new Jaguar XJ at Pebble Beach because it is a milestone for Jaguar North America, from the principle that the world` s largest market XJ, "says Beattie. "The first four Flagship ultimate home following the last recognition for exceptional reliability and shows our commitment to manufacture the most beautiful cars in the world - fast, beautiful cars, luxury, performance and quality."

The first impression of the new XJ is the video itself. XJ `s slender lines are complemented by a strong size, enhance the impression of length and style, and creates a physical tension, as it masks the arc front in the center of the car before returning a hip in the direction of the rear.

The new XJ offers a modern reinterpretation of a number of key indices XJ design while maintaining the highest standards of personal luxury. This shows that the strength, muscular lower half of the car, unlike the slim and stylish, quality of the roof line - a wink on the original 1968 XJ limousine.

A standard panoramic glass roof is an integral part of the new XJ `s design, so that the car in a decrease, rationalize roof line, improve dramatically while the feeling of light and the space inside. LED cluster packing style on the rear mudguard, and playwright with three vertical red stripes, while the teardrop-shaped window of the car `s figure. The back of the new XJ is remarkable for its simple, make sculptures. With a deliberate absence of ornaments at the back with a single blow Jaguar.

The face of the new 2010 XJ is confident, with a great short track and door before the end to evaluate proportions. The nose of the car follows Jaguar `s new design language with a boldness and durchsetzungsfähige treatment - the power of fine mesh grille and xenon headlamps strong presence, while the street-wrap-around rear window reduces the weight of column and gives a visual impression of exotic "open" roof.

"The new XJ and a modern interpretation of the essence of Jaguar," says Ian Callum, Design Director, Jaguar Cars. "The visual impact, it is clear from the tear of the car elongated` s page window that its strong and wide track. It is the firm declaration of Jaguar `s the new design direction."

The sophisticated design and luxury is in the new XJ-again by the mixture of technology and modern design, creating an environment conducive to more of a "state-of-the-art area of the cabin of a car . The image of the interior is a sense of personal space, by the clear, simple form of packaging and leather dashboard session on the bottom of the vehicle. At the center of the dashboard is an analog clock with chrome rings, a spin-metal face and blue background colors, one by luxury watches.

The new XJ `s cabin is a miracle in its own right, blending elegant design with modern comfort, luxury and a unique style sporting Jaguar. Chrome and piano black data contrast with the magnificent work of leather surfaces and veneer. To complement the cabin is a level of choice in colors, veneers and leather not seen before in a Jaguar. Specifying four levels - XJ, XJL, Super Sport and Super Charged - the customer's car to their taste. The top-of-the-range Super Sport offers the ultimate expression of performance and luxury, with a specification of the head of a leather, semi-aniline leather seats and wood veneer inlays with the laser.

The stunning 12.3-inch high definition Virtual Instruments (TM), an innovative complement of 8-inch touch screen that shows the vehicles audio and video, navigation and air conditioning. Premium Surround Sound options, top-of-the-Range-1200W Bowers & Wilkins, which is standard with Super Sport Super Charged and models. Advanced infotainment based hard disk audio and navigation systems and global connectivity for audio and video on the powerful Media Hub.

The new XJ `s beauty is more than skin deep. All the engines emission by an improved version of the famous Jaguar `s electronic six-speed automatic gearbox, full-adaptive layer, the system will shift very smooth and works for performance and profitability.

With the XJ, Jaguar based on the quality of leader using the latest technology of virtual product development. These good dynamic Jaguar technologies are taken for new standards in the new XJ. Features such as air suspension, Adaptive Dynamics (continuously variable damping), Active Control Differential (on Super Charged and Super Sport) and Quick-report to provide the pilot of the reaction mixture and dynamic handling and refined comfort Jaguar road planned.

The new XJ, the United States, with a choice of three engines - a 5.0-liter V8 aspirated 385hp, 5.0 liter 470hp load V8 and a 5.0-liter V8 charge 510hp. Naturally aspires to the form, XJ 380 lb.-ft. Of torque. The power of the 424 lb.-ft. and 461 lb.-ft. Couple, respectively. All three engines combine performance DEFT, without character, Peerless tree and a classic Jaguar blend of strength and precision.

The new 2010 Jaguar XJ is a conduct that is as enjoyable as the car `s elegant and attractive appearance, the combination of preparation and dynamic sport with the luxury of a Jaguar player expected.

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