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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Larger and Vastly Improved!, 2010 Ford Taurus

Larger and Vastly Improved!, 2010 Ford Taurus
Since 1986, millions of Ford Taurus models were sold, a certificate with an average value limousine has lovely style, great interior space and reliability. In the late 1990s, an unfortunate alter deaktiviert thousands of customers, but in recent years, the Taurus from a political comeback, which is currently in the form of a limousine Limousine for the full fleet of Ford .

The model 2010 is the update for the dramatic Taurus since its inception. over ever, Ford to abandon the mass volume in exchange for a limousine-size market segment, one that automobile manufacturers hoped that the light on the rest of the Line Up Ford. Evaluation of its design, the new Taurus is successful, but it can also be under the hood, the new Taurus is necessary.

The Taurus died in 2007, decided, if the automobile manufacturers not to maintain the production of the sedan. For years, distribution was delayed and the name of Taurus not represent over Flair design, technical or property values in the first generation model. Instead, the shape was curved bull ugly, obsolete and is no longer a candidate to guide new segment, the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord.

Relaunch of the franchise Taurus

But Ford is the new CEO, former president Alan Mulally of Boeing, had another idea. Instead of dumping damaged, but still well-known products Mulally convinced Ford to appoint their leaders over four hundred models of the Taurus. Ford, which run for the Taurus is long for the next generation of the model on the market, a new sedan in the summer of 2009.

The 2010 Ford Taurus won't always with the sales figures of the late 1980s and early 1990s, when the bull was the best selling automobile in the united states, sold over 400,000 units per year. Instead, Ford be satisfied if the larger and more expensive Taurus sold at least 50,000 units the first year with the hope, finally, record level of 100,000 units over the next few years.

Redefinition of the Ford Taurus

The alter in the direction of the Taurus is important because Ford aims to redefine what it means to a large sedan, much less what a bull. A model four passengers, the passenger of the Taurus is elegant, for the second decade of the 21st century.

Ford SYNC, a hands-free voice activated calling, MP3 and GPS, the system is by default in the Taurus line. Sony offers unmatched stereo sound, while the start button is default. Ford mykey technology, innovative technology for monitoring and adolescence warn the driver, whose driving habits might be at risk itself is also included. And to emphasize the sport sedan Flair, posted palette permit a driver driving pleasure.

Security features in the Taurus are abundant also a Blind Spot Information System (BLIS), drivers to avoid swerving in a lane of another driver, rain sensor wipers, the automobile top bar, behind the camera and power sunshade. Side impact airbags also a safety lid with sensor overview is also included. In fact, a quantity of functions in the bull by its direct competitors, but are much over that Lexus, BMW and Mercedes could be of similar size limousines.

Ford EcoBoost Taurus to the development of engine technology, the roll-out in Ford and Lincoln models beginning with model year 2010. The optional engine, a 3.5L EcoBoost ™ 24-valve DOHC V6 provides V8 power, but maintains V6 fuel. Indeed, with 365 hp and an astonishing 350 lb-ft of torque, the Taurus has ginned, the power of a quantity of the figures rival Top-Sport-Coupe on the market. Default is a 3.5L Duratec V6 engine, both engines are associated with six-speed automatic, which will help to reach the Taurus class of fuel levels. Front-wheel drive is by default, all-wheel drive is optional.

Introduction of EcoBoost technology

Ford Taurus 2010 offers lots of new improvements in the years 2009 and older models. Ford with a turnover in the role, the Taurus is expected to contribute to the success of Ford, the support of renowned automobile manufacturers in gaining a rapidly changing market, the automotive industry.

Larger and Vastly Improved!, 2010 Ford Taurus

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