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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Michelle Obama gets help from Car Rental Company

Michelle Obama gets help from Car Rental Company
Michelle Obama, 1 African-American and 1 Lady of the United States, receiving much media attention as her husband even more. Fashion trendsetter, it now offers a 1-day rent of the landlord, TX exotic cars, show his style in public.

Ron Sturgeon, DFW Elite Auto owner said: "Even the presidential limousine, I think, widely known, at least for one day, they would go in to something other than a limousine or on Air Force One.''We have a few exotics, which I'm sure they would enjoy on enrollment for a spin.

Sturgeon other opportunities. "If they wants something a little elegant and majestic, it could go with our Bentley Continental GT, the increasingly popular and a fine blend of form and function. The GT is perfect for a night on the town with the president."

Sturgeon is recommended by 1 Lady, red, shiny Audi R8, 2009, a Lamborghini Gallardo - orange, a Ferrari F430 (yellow) and a Ferrari 360 Spider convertible.

Sturgeon said: "We have a large selection of exotic cars in our stable and they are delighted to have the First Lady with one or the one they had like.All Michelle Obama completed to provide this offer is to call us, "he said.

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