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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New Car 2010 Toyota Camry Review

New 2010 Toyota Camry
Toyota cars have always been the query of the city. With the introduction of the Toyota Camry 2010, all models have picked up various hype. lovely inner softness role, elegant, also a strong engine are properties that are on everyone's lips. The prices for the different models of $ 19.400 to $ 29.000.

If you look at the specifications, each of these 10 new models designed for two passengers and boasts a 2.5-liter, 169 horsepower engine. These vehicles can accommodate up to 33-mpg on the highway and 22 mpg in the city. three baud rates are in other models, and Toyota. lots of people believe that Toyota Camry is a automobile, ideal for a relatives. The security features are lovely, and that's lovely. Furthermore, the fuel savings of 22/32 is great. In comparison to other models, this number is impressive.

When it comes to safety, the Camry 2010 Not less than any other manufacturer on the market. they has a 5 / 5 Opinion crash. It will work with all types of standards and airbags in front and second row next to the airbags. General safety features like the side bar and the strain of the beam against the event are also accessible. In addition, all models are equipped with an anti-lock-out, this is helpful. Overall, the automobile of the security are also ideal, and the automobile is lovely.

A friend of mine is convinced that the models of 2010 are the result of a significant manipulation of the models 2005, and how can it be claimed as one of the best models of Toyota. "I had four models of Toyota in recent years. I think I would have recommended Camry 2003, when the new model has not been started. 2005 Camry actually changing all the models, but with the arrival of the Camry in 2010, i am overwhelmed. The ride is smooth and the suspension stiffer. The only thing I do not have this automobile, it was full of plastic in the world. I'm sorry, but not against KIA at the end, "he says.

New 2010 Toyota Camry

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