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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Students Build Hydrogen Vehicle That Gets 1,336 MPG

Students Build Hydrogen Vehicle That Gets 1,336 MPG

Students Build Hydrogen Vehicle That Gets 1,336 MPG

SAHİMO called the vehicle of the product range is approximately 353 miles to a quarter of a gallon of fuel (568 km to 1 liter). It makes such an obscene distance with maximum fuel vehicle because of weight of over light: it weighs only 240 pounds (110 kg). The automobile is 90 percent carbon fibers.

Turkish students at the University of Sakarya have a hydrogen automobile, the mpg 1336. Nun, sorta.

I assume that the size & weight to only five liter of fuel. I couldn't be verified because it is their site in Turkey & i am a little rusty.

The third vehicle SAHMO the most efficient in Europe is 26 Shell Eco-Marathon. & her next objective is the conquest of the 2009 Global Green speech-Challengee an evolution of the World Solar Challenge in Australia in October-competition. over twenty electric, hybrids, alternative fuels & low emission vehicles, prototypes & production to compete in the race.

3000 km of hiking in the Australian Outback in 3 liters is ambitious, but I prefer they leave.

Melema fourth entries in the engineering department at the University of Sakarya, said: "We hope that our record of 568 km on a liter of hydrogen at over 1000 kilometers on a liter, & they believe that they can do it. "

The 40 members of the group, SAHIMO hydrogen automobile, the University of Sakarya Implementation Advanced Technologies Group (strings). Zaman reports today that the team hoped that work on a non-pilots & airplanes is tried next, the support of Turkey Aerospace Industries (TAI).

But before thinking about buying five in progress & the automobile has a cost of $ 170,000 to build.

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