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Monday, August 3, 2009

Suzuki ‘Mondeo’ revealed

Suzuki ‘Mondeo’ revealed

Suzuki ‘Mondeo’ revealed
Suzuki giant! These are the first official photos of the new Kizashi sedan - has in the context of an introduction in Detroit this week.

Developed for the company to expand the range of small cars exclusively for the competition with market leaders such as the Ford Mondeo, the Kizashi now serve as a model of the Japanese flagship brand.

The model presented here does not cover not quite the charm of nature Kizashi concepts adorns fairs have in the past two years. But with its own, clean surfaces and bold box falls, there is still a Fringants cuts are.

In practice, the Suzuki measures about the same size as the current Audi A4, that is enough space for four, and a lot of car for your money. Currently drive is powered by a 2.4-liter four-cylinder petrol engine alone. But Suzuki has confirmed that the fuel in a sipping hybrid version is in preparation and will soon be added.

The Kizashi is on sale in North America this winter. But, as in Britain, the United Kingdom Suzuki lips noted the grounds that their goal is still far from small cars like the track Alto, Swift and Splash. However, if enough interest for the Kizashi, it could also be in a salon near you from next year.

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