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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ferrari California News Car 2010 Review

Ferrari California News Car 2010 Review
The Los angeles is full of firsts: the first Ferrari front-mounted V-8 engine is the first application of direct injection in a Ferrari and Ferrari's first dual-clutch automated manual gearbox. It is also the first Ferrari built on a modular architecture, and the first thing on a new production line, the frightening in its modernity. I visited the facility last month, and the production line in Los angeles is spotlessly neat, surprisingly calm, and freakishly automated. Firstly, data processing, mass production makes Los angeles seem a tiny less clear specific, the other, it guarantees the highest level of quality. I think it is an interesting compromise, for a Ferrari, which is inherently less specific than others.

By coincidence or luck, I am blessed to have been every single current drive Ferrari currently for sale. It is a rarity for automotive journalists, and it is an honor, I do not take it lightly. The modern reader of Los angeles marks a special occasion because it was not only the Ferrari, but I have not ordered, it is as well as a new kind of all-Ferrari.

Some, however, the F430 might find a bit much. For these people, because the Ferrari Los angeles. Los angeles is a sweet, gentle, Ferrari less crazy. Ergo, it is less special people like me crazy, but it is no less peculiar in the real world. A vehicle, touring the traditional sense, Ferrari convertible hard top is smooth and luxurious. The sound level and turns calm in comparison to Ferrari standards, and its elegant and luxurious cabin.

Screeeetch - less of? I mean, no offense to Los angeles by this. It is the best offer in the Ferrari, but that is only part of the reason. The other reason is that I "equate special" with "crazy." I, a certified automobile crazy, love the F430 for his folly. I am liking how it crackles and barks and cries. I am liking how tiny children and elderly men with assault sound, as it accelerates and shifts with such force that it scares hysterical passengers. I am liking how its occupants feel every stone attacked on the street after they entice with the sights and scents of the best materials in the world.

Ferrari California News Car 2010 Review

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