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Friday, October 23, 2009

Honda Civic Type-R Car Review

Honda Civic Type-R Car Review
Honda Civic Type-R's hard-edged predecessor had a cult following - over 35,000 have been sold here than in the rest of Europe together. But the new automobile would be less hard to live, maintaining the uncompromising character, but with even more comfort. It is a challenge, but no other company can do it, it is Honda. Therefore rawfined Honda is the latest buzzword? And there is the Japanese company has completed. The Type R to compete in the tiny sport alongside the Ford Focus ST, VW Golf GTI, MINI Cooper S, Renault Megane and Chair Leon Cupra: Like all his rivals, he channels his power through a field of six-speed front wheel.

The heart of the Civic Type R is the engine whose neat voices are crying Touring - edgy and intoxicating. Still, there's not familiar VTEC in the provision of power, but Honda engineers have worked hard for this highly tuned 2.0-liter four-cylinder used. True min nerd to keep you engine jogging in the band 5,400-8,000 rpm to get the best out of him, but although the torque is low (193 Nm at 5600 rpm), 90 percent of which is min at 2,500 rpm obtainable, so that the midrange is meaty. This means that the Type R is much more manageable than before, there is no need for frantic gear changes. But while the 2.0-liter requested features have changed dramatically, the output power does not and can not resist a tiny disappointed that Honda "only" 198bhp. The slight Luke uses it well. More importantly, the Civic felt faster because the throttle response impressive, moving and short snappy gear. These factors must also drive a hard drive, but it pulls 3400 rpm h at 70 km /, the engine is not nice drone at highway speeds. During the journey, inflexible means that you can never forget what kind of automobile you are in, but while the suspension is hard to listen to it for making blunt sharp bumps great. There's no shocks and super stiff frame provides not only tight handling, but it helps to remove the noise. And then there is the handling - it is sublime. The steering is perfectly weighted and, although this is not the last word on the ratings, the chassis is brilliantly communicative. The advanced controls are all working in harmony and no competitor holds a line in the corners or as a tenacious traction as brilliant. The Civic is addictive.

The appearance of the Type R is likely to cancel soft finish. Sharp sill spoilers and striking visuals, the beef in perfect agreement with the three-door Hatch, dramatic lines. In fact, integrated, so are the changes, it is as if the eighth generation Civic was designed as a sort of R, then down to the ordinary versions. It is a world away from his predecessor, who looked like a bread van racing. What is even more smart is that this version has a large cabin. Whether you are hauling people or property, no competition compares. And only a few correspond to the sense of opportunity. The enveloping dashboard, metal pedals and shifter, red stitching and central tachometer: The Type R's are not interesting, but focused and sports, . Tinny, however, the doors, is dark red trim questionable, can prove the seats in a few hours otherwise excellent numbness, and the device could be richer. Turning the automobile is massive. And high-revving VTEC is no recipe for an average fuel consumption 25.8mpg and CO2 emissions, they are also high. Insurance is not great in the group 17 and get values are expected to be high.

Honda Civic Type-R Car Review

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