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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Honda Civic Type R Mugen Test Drive Review

Honda Civic Type R Mugen Test Drive Review
Honda is also the only costs about £ 40,000, said a price tag Mugen reflects the hand of the cars built by nature (the engine lasts only last two days.)

This is the production version of the "concept" they went a month ago. This has created an experimental automobile, tuned to the response to a UK-Mugen Civic Type R Mugen rate based in Europe have engineers belonging to these reactions & adapt the cars produced in this, first road Automobile Company, which in Europe Mugen Northampton AC was developed.

It is based on a Civic Type R Championship is based, it is diff only in white & has a limited slip. Mugen, the engine has overhauled with new pistons, ECU, camshafts & exhaust Give It Up (237bhp automobile on the standard 208bhp) & torque a bit more.

They've also added custom brakes, suspension & aero kit, which leads to the restoration of the backseat & invigorating ride hard for this concept as a response to the comments of those.

This lot is an eye-watering £ 38,595, although your currency you can buy any kind of exclusive Mugen build a 20 - European Hiroki Toyoda boss insists that the company no longer - & they're just for the UK market.

Honda Civic Type R Mugen Test Drive Review

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