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Friday, October 23, 2009

Ford Mondeo to get turbo boost Sharp new Car Review

Ford Mondeo to get turbo boost Sharp new Car Review
Clinging to a development of the kinetic design language of the current automobile, the next Mondeo still promises to be a surprise. The five-door hatchback layout will be retained, but a higher beltline, more raked windscreen & lower roof will result in its general form is more like a coupe with a traditional sedan - a trend that began with the Jaguar XF.

Make room for the new Mondeo! Insiders have the alternative preferred vendor for Ford relatives will be shown more upscale, elegant & efficient than ever before, with a quantity of HI-tech turbo engine. & our proprietary technology to display images, as it shape up

Boldness has a much larger lower grille, swept-back headlamps & unique lines in the hood - characteristics they shares with the new Ford Focus, since late 2010. Massively flared wheel arches & deeper wrinkles yet to characterize the profile, while the back displays its sporting intentions with a diffuser & a metal fin trunk lid subtle.

In the meantime, a redesigned interior Mondeo is closer than ever to competitors in the premium segment. But like all Ford models modern cabin chic looks darker than their counterparts in Spanish.

Designer of the futuristic show in the C-MAX has inspired recently revealed. Expect angular forms & a pinch more inclined to think of a concept automobile a showroom-ready models.

If they keep their loyal fan base & increase its attractiveness even further, the newcomer will go even better than the current automobile - & the signs are nice. Under the skin is a modified version of the current platform, the Mondeo is the same size & dynamics that should be required knowledge of his predecessor.

Together with an improved range of four-cylinder diesel Ford will inject a high performance direct EcoBoost turbocharged gasoline engines that give 20 percent reduction in fuel consumption & CO2 emissions, while with the same performance as the larger capacity units currently for sale.

Seven engines will be as planned, beginning with a 1.6-liter with 150 hp & 180 hp, & is expected in the C-MAX premiere next year. It will be a 2.0-liter that produces over 200 hp - 150 hp & a 1.4-liter version. Although there's no designs for the construction of a variant called ST-aging 2.5-liter five-cylinder could be replaced by a new 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 350bhp & 475nm of torque.

The new Mondeo is probably as a concept within 18 months of debut, & will go on sale in 2012. The prices are set to change.

Ford Mondeo to get turbo boost Sharp new Car Review

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