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Friday, October 23, 2009

Volkswagen Golf evolves the German hatchback 2010 Review

Volkswagen Golf evolves the German hatchback 2010 Review
As the sixth generation of Golf is to start selling in Europe for a year, US-spec versions to infiltrate the retailers on this side of the Atlantic. But before you (check your local dealer to V-Dub the new Golf and Jetta you buy a place), they went to France to enjoy the latest version of the workhorse in the VW and around his hometown of Wolfsburg. The new Golf is finally to win Luke averse to the Americans from their limousines, and with a small extra practice? Follow the jump for our first impressions.

Outside North The united states, the Gulf of Volkswagen's bread and butter model for over four decades, so that the small hatch of one of the best-selling vehicles worldwide since its introduction in the mid-seventies, ten as a successor to the Beetle. But in the States, it is a different story. Except for some brief periods when the price of enriched fuel, the Golf / Rabbit has always been second fiddle to the Jetta - small over a Golf with a trunk.

Heading in to 2010, Volkswagen of The united states is killing the Rabbit name for the second time in the trap of history. Originally, the MkI was the rabbit in North The united states, because the Tanker Company said that U.S. buyers would not understand the European directive "Golf" moniker. When the MkII arrived, VW has rolled onto the plate of the climate, lint only with the latest generation of MKV BackTrack, the reopening of the name in an attempt to revive the nostalgic again and increase declining revenues. It did not work, so golf is back \.\. I hope, forever.

The MKVI isn't exactly a "new" automobile - it is a MkV.5, while maintaining the platform of the last generation, and at least half (four thirds if you include the GTI) powertrain sector. The changes are most visible on the outside, with no body to take account of the previous generation of the MKVI. They are well served, and Walter de Silva, head of the Volkswagen Group in the planning, they are proud of his latest creation.

Volkswagen Golf Auto Review

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