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Friday, October 30, 2009

VW Golf MkVII exclusive News Car Review

VW Golf MkVII exclusive News Car Review
A promotional video for the recently revealed VW L1 concept of fortuitous, a group of designers at work on a model of style clay Golf next generation in the background. You can see a still from that video on the right side. It could be a tiny blurry, but the picture proves that the work is well underway on the new Golf, which suggests a short life span for the current automobile MKVI.

The MKVI Golf is in the showrooms within a year, but already they have the best pics yet, as his followers out. And planned our information on this radical new hatchback, at the beginning of 2012, came from the most unlikely source - VW itself!

VW is cleared to remain discreet about the filtered picture, but the scene quickly became the official video.

As for the passage of MKV MKVI are subtle changes in style and adaptable - in agreement with the formal language of the existing business. The changes include a sharper nose, steeply raked windshield and headlights closer and marked wheel arches.

VW Golf MkVII exclusive News Car Review

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