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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

BMW delays X3's U.S. Car New Review

BMW delays X3's U.S. Car New Review

BMW delays the introduction of United States X3 revised to create a system to encourage buyers to custom order for binding to imagine the specifications, "said Jim O'Donnell, president of BMW of North The united states.

The delay could be the X3 in U.S. showrooms in mid-2011 set to be built at one months after the US-X3 will be marketed in Europe. Historicallyin the past, BMW has introduced American-built cars like the X5, the United States before the introduction in Europe.

The move will enable BMW to a maximum of one engines offered at startup to established low-cost versions of the beginning. The four-cylinder engines are optional for gasoline and diesel, "said O'Donnell. BMW will pick by the finish of the year whether to offer a six-or four-cylinder diesel.

Normally you start the BMW X3 with the high-end six-cylinder engine. But in these times of recession, it does the manufacturer not to introduce a $ 50,000 X3 with only two engine, "said O'Donnell.

The disadvantage is that sales will hobble X3 because of increased competition. By October, has U.S. sales of the X3 from 67 percent last year to 5280 units back. X3 sales of 34,604 in 2004 reached its climax.

The X3 is available only with all-wheel-drive and starts at $ 39,575. The base model, front-drive Mercedes-Benz GLK starts at $ 35,475. Both labels include shipping.

O'Donnell said: "Years ago, they discussed the concept of customer orders. It is difficult to do if you produce cars in Europe and shipping them here.

X3 production is moving Magna Steyr in Austria at BMW in Spartanburg, SC, factory where the assembly plant is under construction. The flexible system allows customers to make changes to their orders up to three days before the assembly begins to make.

BMW should permit dealers to their vehicles with the 10 largest stock options to customers. If a customer is two of the other functions, a special order will be placed should be, "said O'Donnell.

BMW will launch the program to dealers in October next. O'Donnell thinks that special customer orders tend to add several thousand dollars in options.

About 70 percent of the vehicles being produced, the plant in Spartanburg - X5 and X6 crossover - tell customer orders, plant manager, but tiny for the United States. When the X3 system is a success, designs to use a similar plan for the BMW X5 and X6.

BMW delays X3's U.S. Car New Review
BMW delays X3's U.S. Car New Review
BMW delays X3's U.S. Car New Review
BMW delays X3's U.S. Car New Review

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