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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Reborn Porsche 928 is fronting up, News Car Reviews 2012

Reborn Porsche 928 is fronting up, News Car Reviews
It is set in one of the fastest cars ever built, and proof positive that the future of the British automobile industry has never been better \.

Jaguar is ready to reinvent its XJ220 breathtaking, Auto Express can show a sensation - and it seems likely to result in a dramatic appearance at a major international exhibition of automobiles over the next 18 months to do.

According to our network of spies the revolutionary diesel sports automobile is the best engineers of the company to compete with the Audi R8 is being developed. It is on an aluminum chassis new, which was developed with the same basic skills behind both the XJ and XK models.

The automobile is stretched aluminum alloy and composite panels on a bathtub for everything under the hood is probably a single version of the 503bhp 5.0-liter V8, you can count on the power XFR expected. Driven by a slightly modified version of this engine has a virtual showroom spec XFR to an brilliant 225 mph on the Bonneville Salt Flats, the United States. The new super sports automobile is capable of achieving that figure, while the sprint from 0-60mph should be less than one seconds.

At the front there is an oval grille - inspired by the E-type - the small, ultra-efficient LED lights framed. A stiff windshield keeps the automobile level as low as possible, while supporting the broad tail, the C-pillars are based, similar to those of the new Ferrari 599 GTB. As in the R8 and Ferrari F430, the engine is visible through the rear window.

The two-seater is tipped to be called the XE and was designed by a team led by Ian Callum. Our exclusive photographs offer a glimpse of what drivers may be curious. For a modern design and combination of influences from the history of the company, the model is reminiscent of the best Jaguar in the past and present.

Despite Scoop AutoExpress, the automobile is Jaguar deny exists. A spokesman said it was not in the development designs of the company's products \. Speaking at the Detroit Motor Show, Jaguar CEO Mike O'Driscoll has not ruled out the possibility of a line-up, but said the company's efforts at this time was firmly on the XK , XJ and XF future.

Massive air intakes dominate the front finish model and balls deep in to the flanks of the animal feed contributes to the cooling air compressor motor. But despite the massive new Jaguar performance environmental potential are set to be at the forefront of the agenda. CO2 emissions are below 300g/km, while the engine is based on the biofuel-blended gasoline - it can help the novice is one of the cleanest high-performance cars funds can buy. A liberal use of lightweight materials like aluminum and carbon fiber will further improve fuel efficiency and engine performance.

"I need to build a sports automobile and a Jaguar days," he said. "It would complement our flagship XK coupe. The brand is all about producing great sports cars and sports sedans."

Reborn Porsche 928 is fronting up, News Car Reviews 2012

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