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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Aston Martin One-77 top speed

Aston Martin One-77 top speed
Aston Martin One-77 recorded a top speed of 354.86 km / h (220.007 mph), the latest high-speed tests in a place top secret Proving Ground in the south has the mark of Europe. Exceeded all expectations, the new supercar is coming closer and closer to a record of all time again for the British brand.

The surprise newcomer is interpreted by a new Aston Martin powered 7.3-liter V12, delivering a level of breathtaking power and performance. Based on an innovative new structure of the carbon fiber body, is two-door, two-seater sports coupé benefits from new technology, active aerodynamics.

Units, which is limited only 77, hence the name, the exotic-One 77, the ultimate expression of that which is Aston Martin - modern technology, the incredible design and exclusivity.

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