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Monday, December 7, 2009

New Car 2010 Steeda Q550 Mustang

New Car 2010 Steeda Q550 Mustang
To map the Los Angeles Auto Show, an opportunity to Steeda Autosports his latest creation, the 2010 Steeda Q550 Street Fighter Edition. For the ultimate street performance pony was designed to fit and all day and into the path of the warrior.

The power supply Steeda mounted in the vehicle has a Ford Racing / Whipple 550HP supercharger, Steeda 11-13 psi Belt Drive Kit, Steeda Tri-Ax ® shifter, custom engine calibration and the speed of sound A-Group Instruments aeroforce pillar with gauges. With all these exclusive extras, accelerated in 2010 Steeda Q550 Streetfighter Edition from zero to 60 mph in under 4 seconds, reaching quarter mile in 11 seconds. Steeda Mustang Street Fighter is also equipped with the most extensive amount of upgrades, including standard suspension Watts Link suspension system.

The redesigned and improved the aerodynamic aspect of the 550th Street Fighter Steeda brings even greater value to all saisissant.En addition, the style of vehicle is the race of HRE P40 Monoblock wheels enhanced with brushed finish Nitto NT05 tires with high performance sizes 275/35 front and 315/35 rear packaged.

Steve Chichisola Master Mechanic / Technician Steeda Autosports said: "The real beauty of this performance monster lies beneath the vehicle. Here we treat all tricks of performance we have in our arsenal in action "

Changes to the suspension list of features: Steeda / Tokico D-Specs shocks and struts, left Upper Strut Mount Kit, adjustable 3rd Trailing-Kit, Steeda lower control arms Steeda Billet slices low resettlement Trailing, X5 Ball Joint Kit , Bumpsteer Kit, Steeda Rear Swaybar, EndLink Billet Rear Swaybar, Adjustable Front Swaybar, Steeda Watts Linkage Kit, Steeda 3 Point Frame Rail & Torque Box Brace Kit.

The Steeda Q550 is the cockpit aggressive, race-inspired exterior design of the vehicle. Highlights include: body hugging cut, adjustable, leather, carbon fiber supported Steeda Sport; Safecraft Equipment Safety System harnesses 6 points, four points, leather-wrapped DOM steel arch with cross bracing.

New Car 2010 Steeda Q550 Mustang

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