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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

S Tronic Car, Audi S4 Car Reviews

S Tronic Car, Audi S4 Car Reviews
The S-Tronic Audi S4 is a driver of downsizing, this time, but the "downsizing" is satisfied? Read our review to find out.
What is it?
The Audi S4 is a product of Audi sports car right-sizing strategy. And while that sounds Naff, this means that the big V8 is less polluted and less on the company's products, such as the S4, gone is the old V8 woofly Car replaced by a new 333hp supercharged V6.

How is it on the outside?
Except would R8 and TT, Audi design is not exactly what you want to bring to your attention. Part of the S4 a casual glance, and you would think that this is just another hawk Boggo 2,0 TDI by an early 20's type on the ALDI degrees are awarded control. But pull Anorak Audi, and you will be on-the-headlights, LED, quad exhaust, side skirts and fine - wait for it - Gate-silver mirror. The S4 really brings the b in subtle, but the number of the car - an allusion to view its performance potential, but it does not seem as bizarre as the top model RS4 should be at the end of 2010 happened.

How is it on the inside?
The interior of the S4 is a case similar to the outside. There are some great body-hugging sports seats, carbon trim on the center console and a chunky, sport steering wheel, but nothing unusual. But after a few miles from the car, in the S4, you advertise with its mix of comfort and convenience, the heated seats, like they were melting in my pants feel - in the right direction - for the MMI system you are with the Stereo controls allow navigation and air with ease. All this is a sensible choice.

How to ride?
The big problem with the S4 engine. Gone are the V8 instead woofly replaced by a cleaner, more powerful V6 supercharged engine 333hp. And to be honest, you miss the V8 for about three, maybe four seconds. A prod of the accelerator results in an immediate response to overfeeding, grrrr, a metal plate from the engine, and pull on the way to a major step. Audi has the linear shaft torque naturally aspirated V8, the minute you have to offer in the regulation of the V6 to 90% of its torque at just 2,200 rpm voted. Overtaking is a breeze.

The engine is only part of the package. My car had the S Tronic DSG, which makes the power increase to the four wheels, almost seamlessly, and away from sports option, which sends more torque to the outside rear wheel during cornering to keep embedded in the nose in. Everything works so well brought Confidence serious sport still feeling because it feels like one of the heckbetonte Audi sedans, the company has ever done.

And if you only tool in town, the S4 is also pleasant and Benin, the A4 normal, especially if you opt for adjustable shock absorbers, which have a firm but comfortable ride. The direction is clear, even though it feels artificial.

The Audi S4 S Tronic £ 36,825 fee. But the problem is the S4, that all these things that this car has a very good figure on the list of options. So if you are the adaptive shock absorbers, decent stereo spec, clean, Sat Nav and so on, is the price too close to the impressive and more than 50 pounds Large BMW M3. On the other side of the S4 is so competent that when it was just more exciting, we almost do not recognize what the point in a new RS4.

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