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Friday, January 1, 2010

Nissan Cube Car Reviews

Nissan Cube Car Reviews
Bosses at Nissan are square with the big boys! The company is established between the fashion-conscious hatchbacks like the Mini and Fiat 500, with its richly decorated new cube.

The boxy design has been launched in Japan in 1998, but despite its popularity here has never been officially filed. Cubes imported built a cult following in the United Kingdom, however, and Nissan is looking to be valid to them, with the first right hand drive cars in the United Kingdom now. Take a look at the design dark and you love or hate. The Manga-style squared-off body and large blocks are sure to turn heads, as the raft of quirky features.

The Cube is the boat rolled onto its right side, so it opens like a conventional door. To assist loading, but limited access in tight spaces.

Inside, the layout is like nothing else to offer. Nissan designers claim to have themselves declared by Whirlpool, which are the dashboard swirling with water-drop pattern, which appears on the headliner, door speaker and other surfaces. Plastics have a touch less expensive than some competitors, but the interior remains stable and well built.

The sofa soft-like seats come in black or beige faux suede - brown or chocolate on the 500 car design limited edition show. In addition, the rear seat slides back and forth to 240mm for the legs and trunk volume increased.

Nissan, by far, the functionality of the lighting in the disco driver and front passenger footwell - it flashes and color changes constantly, then you're in the car. There is also a three-way glass panoramic roof and the cabin is really stunning!

Thank you to the vertical dimension of the cube, the seating position is high and visibility is excellent. But the brick-like aerodynamics and wind noise at speed is a problem - but Nissan is happy to admit that the most comfortable in the city streets than on freeways anyway. It is a similar story when it comes to performance. The engine of 108bhp 1.6-liter gasoline needs a good work-out to move the cube. Open the speed and the pace is appropriate - 0-62 mph takes 11.3 seconds - in the box five-speed manual provides a rapid and accurate.

A smooth CVT transmission is also available, and a 1.5-liter diesel with a six-speeder join the series in June

Nissan designers have done an excellent job with the Cube. There is nothing comparable on the market, it is obliged by a storm with buyers who want something a little different. Although not nearly as nimble as a Mini or Ford Fiesta, which is not the point lead. The Cube is all about image and individuality - and if your priorities are to buy, it is an ideal choice.

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