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Monday, August 10, 2009

2009 Ford Fiesta Pikes Peak Rallycross

2009 Ford Fiesta Pikes Peak Rallycross

2009 Ford Fiesta Pikes Peak Rallycross
As a two-time world champion Marcus Grönholm rally championship on almost every course in a Rally ... until it came to Pikes Peak.

Gronholm's Ford Fiesta Production to prepare Olsberg Evolution Motor Sports in the second in the "Unlimited" and the fifth best time in the 87th Race at Pikes Peak International Hill Climb to Sunday. Grönholm caught Pikes Peak recruit of the year, as it displayed a series of 11:28.963 to the 12.4-km, 156-tower, is of course the famous street of Pikes Peak.

Grönholm fought not only the altitude and the diversity of road and weather conditions of the famous Cours 14,000 feet altitude, but he struggled against a mechanical problem with the turbo-charger of its 800-HP Rallycross Fiesta car, to a reduction in performance during the crucial final phase rise to the top.

"I always wanted to compete at Pikes Peak," said Grönholm. "There was here in the last week, I must admit that this is one of the most difficult cases that I never in my career. The handling of the Fiesta is absolutely fantastic, and the BFGoodrich tires were great. Unfortunately we had some small problems of today . I have the energy in the last kilometer, but I'm determined to the end. The Fiesta has the potential to beat the record of 10 minutes. When I return I know what we need to do faster. "

Andreas Eriksson first trip Pikes Peak is just beautiful, if the engineer's Corner (2 mile mark), if both of their tire rim and has pulled the Fiesta MET Olsberg, of course, where he cut a tree and suffered damage to the wing. DNF was an introduction Eriksson frustrating for the Pikes Peak Hill Climb.

"I'm disappointed because the car was fantastic through the manipulation of the first part of the course," said Eriksson. "Overall it was a difficult week. We had great difficulties, but we have learned a lot and I know what I do now need to be faster. Now we turn our attention to the X-Games and get the loan for celebrations Tanner [Foust], Brian [Deegan] and Kenny [Brack), so we are in LA and back a victory. "

"There is still a year before the Ford Fiesta in America, it was an excellent opportunity to enhance the versatility and performance capabilities of the fiesta in one of the toughest motor sport in the world," said Jost Capito, Director of Ford Motor Company Global Motorsports Business Development. "MET Olsberg The team done a fantastic job to compete in Pikes Peak for the first time, and now they have the opportunity to present their campaign for the celebrations of the X Games."

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