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Monday, August 10, 2009

Sportec SPR1 T80 2009

Sportec SPR1 T80 2009

Sportec SPR1 T80 2009
The T80 is based on the performance of the spr1 by increasing the power of the Bi-Turbo, 3.6-liter 24-valve, one dishes T80M an amazing engine of 858 horsepower under the combination with the advantages of the permanent four-wheel drive, a combination product benchmarks for balance plus performance.

Swiss tuner Sportec automotive, famous for its high performance spr1 on the basis of 997 Supercars, is proud to announce the latest addition to its range, the T80. Designed, constructed plus built in Switzerland Sportec of the technical team, the new version of spr1 Super Sport offers unparalleled performance plus exclusivity.

The T80 enjoys spr1 Sportec Supercar performance, only 3.0 seconds to 62mph (100kmh) to 186mph (300kmh), which in 18.9 seconds. A minimum speed of over 236mph has Nardo, Italy.

This means that each of the one wheels spr1 T80 channels 214.5 hp on the asphalt, like a VW Golf GTI turn each tire, but the spr1 the Bi-Turbo engine remains fully Euro IV emissions compliant.

Technically, the Sportec spr1 T80 offers attractions such as titanium connecting rods, a plate of carbon-fiber floor, an active suspension plus style F1 brake discs made of ceramics.

The use of composite (carbon / kevlar) parts, forged light alloy wheels, a safety cage plus integrated disc brake ceramic that allows light spr1, safer plus more dynamic than other cars in its class.

Available in a choice of colors, spr1 T80 has a set of exclusive Sportec style plus interior damage, including the small 20-inch forged alloy wheels, a carbon spoiler plus leather / Alcantara interior.

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