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Sunday, August 30, 2009

2010 Mercedes C-Class spied

2010 Mercedes C-Class spied
The french manufacturer Mercedes-Benz is in this time of year when they are known & present the models in the next year. Until now, Mercedes has introduced S-Class 2010 (the only slightly chilled) & 2010-E-class (completely overhauled) in five versions (sedan, coupe & estate was). Of coursework, the 2010 could not escape Mercedes C-Class. What they have here is a series of photos of espionage, in which a subtle, they can see revised Mercedes C-Class without camouflage.

From what they in the picture of 2010 Mercedes C-Class will see only subtle changes of style, like the Mercedes S-Class 2010th After a lovely look first (and second glance, to) be honest, they can see that only includes the features of the new Mercedes C-Class 2010 New door mirrors, walking a front bumper, redesigned integrated LED DRL obligatory air intakes & redesigned.

Unfortunately they have no further information on further improvements & updates have, but until they officially stating anything is possible. I think, slightly improves the engine range of the Mercedes C-Class in 2010. they have to wait & see what happens. it's of coursework a matter of weeks, if they take in to account the fact that taking the 2010 versions of the S-Class & E-Class has already begun. In any case, they need not expect a big surprise, because Mercedes has become accustomed to their habit of changing rare model seriously.

2010 Mercedes C-Class spied

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