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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ferrari California 2010 Drive Auto Review

Ferrari California 2010 Drive Auto Review
By a coincidence in timing, or blessed, I'm so happy to have now behind the wheel of each of the current Ferrari currently on sale. It's a rarity, even for automotive journalists, and it's an honor, I do not take lightly. Travel California today marks a special occasion because it was not the only Ferrari I not work, it's and a new type of Ferrari.

The California is getting serious: It's the preview engine mounted V-8, Ferrari is the first application of direct injection in to a Ferrari, and Ferrari's first dual-clutch automatic transmission manual. It's also the first Ferrari built on a modular architecture, and the first is based on a new production line downright frightening that in their modernity. I could not automates the plant tour last month, and the production line in California is spotlessly tidy, incredibly quiet, and grotesque. First, the computer allows the mass production of specific California appear somewhat less special, on the other, it provides the highest quality. I reckon it's an interesting compromise, for a Ferrari, is by its nature less specific than others.

Some, however, the F430 will find perhaps a small too much. For these people, the Ferrari California. California is a sweet, gentle, Ferrari less crazy. Ergo, there is less special people like me crazy, but it's no less special in the real world. A Gran Turismo in the traditional sense, Ferrari convertible hardtop is smooth and luxurious. Its noise level and standards of conduct established by Ferrari, and its elegant and luxurious cabin.

Screeeetch - less? I mean no offense by this, California. It's the cheapest offer in the Ferrari, but this is only part of the reason. The other reason is that I "special treat" with "crazy." I, a certified car-spinner, three who prays F430 to his madness. I am liking the way it crackling and barks and cries. I l love, like small babies and old men as shocked by the attack, acoustic, because it accelerates and shifts with such force that it makes her hysterical passengers. I am liking how its occupants with a sense of each stone way to attract them by sight and aroma of the finest materials of attacks in the world.

Ferrari California 2010 Drive Auto Review

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