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Friday, August 21, 2009

2010 Subaru Outback First Drive Review

2010 Subaru Outback First Drive Review
Sport-Utility Wagon: over the first, less than this.

For fifteen years, the Outback, but defined as all Subaru in the U.S.. Top-riding cars were perfect for the ships of the signature of the brand all-wheel-drive technique over seven generations actually Outback formula remains the same. For the fourth generation of the 2010 Subaru Outback has the most striking to this day for the best-known model.

Subaru has been offering four-wheel drive station wagon since the mid-1970s, but until 1995, when the company has a model Outback. Above all, an all-wheel-drive Legacy station wagon with a base plus a rugged, adventurous picture, the Outback now has the same formula with four new versions, though has other machine (including turbo engine cylinder four o'clock-six o'clock), plus more luxury.

2010, however, Outback industries with a single housing instead borrow one of the Legacy wagon (which is no longer sold in North the united states, but it is always offered on the market, Subaru). Since the field for the preparation of a special Outback, Subaru designers to move away from the pure form of station wagon more often a crossover SUV - as they did with the new Forester in the past year.

Therefore, the automobile is slightly shorter in length (0.8 inches), but significantly larger size (growth 2.0 inches) plus wider (2.3 inches). The largest offers more room for passenger plus cargo space. The most important is the space for the legs, which was expanded by 4 inches plus is now really generous, even for the passengers of over four meters high. The increase in roof height plus offers a lot, plus stool comfort - earlier - has been improved. In the cargo area a reconditioned rear axle is less intrusive, plus the minimum volume is around 6 cubic meters, during the height of the shop floor remains low.

Another parent's heritage, at least under the skin

Although it is no longer just one of the Legacy Outback wagon is mechanically compatible with the Legacy sedan, which allowed for 2010. Both cars have four plus six-cylinder horizontally against Boxer engines, with a range of manual plus automatic gearboxes.

This new Outback, but loses one of its seven engines to select. The basis of four 2.5-liter rest, as the - now - with four cylinders, but the turbo four has been reduced (although still in the Subaru Legacy GT). Subaru product planners to weak sales of the Turbo in style, but an engine with turbocharger advantage of the higher layers seems to be a nice choice in the mountain regions, where the Outback is so popular.

four boxers are left

Like all Subaru engines, the other four offers are, or horizontally opposed boxer engines. The four-cylinder is essentially the same unit as it was before. For 2010, however, the determination of four new transmission choice. Outback, where previously no manual, it now has a six-speed manual floor shift standard on the base plus the middle level ( "Premium") on the surface. select save $ 1000 on the automatic, but you give a part of it back in to the pump, as the manual for gasoline, 19/27 mpg (city / highway), behind the automatic 22/29 mpg.

The reason for the effectiveness of the automatic is that there is a continuously variable transmission (CVT), is nice for the economy of fuel, but is a little strange that the acceleration, so the machine can optimally rpm technique as a way to increase the speed of the vehicle. there's also transitional paddle, with which the driver for the effect of manual plus below by four preset ratios. Overall, the 170-hp four in the amount of movement is relatively easy Outback - that's praiseworthy usually lean towards Porky crossover - but the willingness to spend more time to time during four or grunt to climb the steep hill.

The Outback optional six-cylinder engine is bigger than ever - 3.6 liters, an increase of 3.0. Its 256 horsepower is just a small increase in the last four smaller 245 hp, but the 247 lb-ft torque is a major leap in the 215 lb-ft. Despite the displacement of people, the four - this is only coupled with an automatic five-speed gearbox - possible to raise the city plus highway fuel economy of 1 mpg, 18 city/25 highway. plus unlike his predecessor, on the fuel. This module facilitates the work of the drive of the Outback. Cheaper than the elderly term of four years plus cheaper in the purchase (the cost is slightly lower than before), the six-cylinder could be larger than the recently launched by 10 percent or more.

2010 Subaru Outback

2010 Subaru Outback First Drive Review

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