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Friday, August 21, 2009

2010 Kia Forte First Drive Review

2010 Kia Forte First Drive Review
Kia credit, they is not afraid, a daunting task. The ambitious Korean carmaker not start selling cars in the United States until 1994, plus only fifteen years later, offers a complete range of vehicles of the Rio range limousine on the one people in the SUV Borrego Spunky, funky soul, urban cars. "As with all other automakers, sales this year (even if Kia's decline of 6.8% is positive small in comparison with one sauces, most of its competitors). The economy is down not arrested Kia plans to strengthen their product, however. Indeed, automobile manufacturers, not only that there was no concession, but in May, more money from marketing its products in other months in its history.

This brings us to the new Forte. In Forte, Kia has set a target known to compete (and profits question) Limousine compact segment, plus is directly on the strength of packages, which currently dominate the market: the Honda Civic plus Toyota Corolla. This is not an easy task, plus one at the Kia of the old small sedan, the Spectra, failed.

The Forte is accessible in three finishes: LX, EX plus SX. The LX plus EX are equipped with a 156 horsepower 2.0-liter four-cylinder to a default ten-five speeds, with an optional four-speed automatic. The sportier SX with a 173-hp, 2.4-liter, one or five reports a manual gearbox or two reports, automatic. Fuel economy package, to improve the estimate of EPA fuel period of 25/34 mpg to 27/36 mpg (city / highway), is on the EX.

In comparison with the spectra that Forte has a more dynamic, with a profile of wedge-shaped as well as a more broad. Its trunk is hollow, with 14.7 cubic feet of cargo volume plus in the Split-back rides. The chalet is well equipped with cloth or leather seats, a center stack is easy to use, the steering wheel mounted controls, Standard Radio plus Sirius Bluetooth.

they conducted an EX living with 2.0 liters, but the four-speed automatic on the estimates, they yearns for another coursework - the hammer of the pedal to the maneuver time but suddenly shifts down by plenty of engine noise. The sporty SX still had satisfactory performance, but the five speed has a certain habit, because its sensitive clutch takeup relocation measures plus vague. Although Strong performance is not new, its speed plus direction is sensitive plus accurate progressive, plus its four-wheel disc brakes are working, plus their exposure, which was passed in the United States for road U.S. Equity absorbs plus travel without worrying.

The Forte is unlikely to dethrone either the Civic or Corolla - or in this case, the Mazda 3 - Kia, but now has a lovely faith to all competitors of them.

2010 Kia Forte Video Review

2010 Kia Forte First Drive Review

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