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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ford Focus ST by JMS Racelook

Ford Focus ST by JMS Racelook

Ford Focus ST by JMS Racelook
The Ford Focus is a popular automobile around the world & the new PC back flow model is a guarantee of some other sporting captivate fans of the automobile. The spanish tuner JMS Race Look have a subtle appearance of a few packets of simple but tasty key only to emphasize that the new automobile is correct.

The game starts with an aggressive front lip, a rear apron with integrated diffuser as well as a pair of side slopes of low complement the package of effects pedals as well as a pair of Focus RS style front mudguard deductions for additional visual muscle. Perhaps if they are not the 300 hp fire breathing Monster here in the United States, at least they might be able to participate in some way with a few pieces of carbon fiber jewelry Fender.

In addition to the body piece inspired sports, JMS reduces the Focus with some of H & R lowering springs, the front of 40 mm & 35 mm at the rear, virtually eliminating wheel gap been in the new 19-inch wheels & wings Ford. JMS to a dual exhaust process, not only better in the diffuser, but an additional 5 to 8 HP through the sale of stainless steel.

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