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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Infiniti will bring out a hybrid M in 2010

Infiniti will bring out a hybrid M in 2010
Infiniti is preparing to show the world that the next generation M-Class in size luxury sedan is like Pebble Beach, and the parent company Nissan has shaken some trees by the electric Leaf. So the only thing that remains to be done until the output for a model of the work of the next generation Infiniti M powered exclusively by a puff of lithium-ion battery is a hybrid module, which they already have. So soon Infiniti is a gas / electric version of the sedan in 2010, followed by a launch in Europe later in 2011.

The future hybrid M comes with a 3.7-liter V6 gas in combination with a compact electric motor of the lithium-ion batteries NEC. This technology has already been shown last March at the Geneva Show with the ultra-luxury and even more efficient gasoline approach.

The concept was to the future through a combination of gas and electric motors, which has up to 592 HP. The exhaust gas 3 / 7 liter V6 is equipped with a double-turbo configuration provides 434 hp, while the electric motor, which is a 3D engine provides 158 HP in the mix.

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