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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

XRS 5-Spd AT, Top Reasons to Buy Toyota 2010 Corolla

XRS 5-Spd AT, Top Reasons to Buy Toyota 2010 Corolla
This model is 2.4L I4, 16-valve engine offers 158 hp @ 6000 rpm, while the rest of the MIC are equipped with a standard 1.8L I4, 16 valves, the maximum size of the engine 132 hp @ 6000 rpm. The model 5-speed automatic gearbox, while there's no other offers the same trim.

I was very fascinated by the introduction of Toyota Corolla 2010. MIC of all, I think Corolla XRS 5-Spd AT model of the best offer. Although other TRIM have advantages plus features, but i have some parameters, thoughts before you buy on one of the TRIM relatives. The only reason i am a person to pick, all other trim is funds that you need, then about $ 3,000 more for this model. I believe that this expense is justified because it's much to offer than any other trim available.

Unlike functions, this model is better as a technical specification, . With a better engine, 5 speed automatic 22/30 mpg plus reduce fuel consumption, this model is the best option for those who believe in the best plus quality.

With view on the extra features it offers, the power doors, rear spoiler Fog lights, splashing plus rear fenders, air dam, cruise control, steering wheel mounted controls, map lights, automatic plus adaptive to a automatic transmission are six things that the model better than other models.

I suggest reading the comments of users to websites plus how people feel about these characteristics of this model. plus if you are satisfied with the feedback, you can buy your automobile.

XRS 5-Spd AT, Top Reasons to Buy Toyota 2010 Corolla

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