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Friday, August 21, 2009

2010 Ferrari California Driven Review

2010 Ferrari California Driven Review
By coincidence, calendar or just lucky, I'm happy all the running wheel was Ferrari currently for sale. it is a rarity, even the journalists of the automobile, and it is an honor, I suppose not to slight shoulder. Today, the automobile is from los angeles has a special occasion, because it is not only the only Ferrari, i have not kept, it is also an entirely new kind of Ferrari.

The los angeles is full of first time: it is the first time in front mounted V-8 engine is Ferrari's first use of direct injection in a Ferrari, and this is the first Ferrari with one automatic clutch gearbox. it is also the first Ferrari to a modular architecture and the first in a new production line is even creeps in to the modern age. i have the facilities, in the past month in los angeles and is spotlessly clean, quiet and extraordinary freakishly automated. For seven, computer science, said the mass production of los angeles seem a little less special, on the other hand, it guarantees the highest level of quality. I think this is a good compromise, especially for a Ferrari is actually less than other special offer.

Some, however, the F430 might be a bit . For these people, the Ferrari los angeles. los angeles is a lightweight, soft, less crazy Ferrari. Ergo, it is less crazy specially for people like me, but it is not less, especially in the real world. The big tourism in the traditional sense of the word, Ferrari hard-top convertible, soft and luxurious. On the noise and the ride is quiet by Ferrari standards, and its elegant and luxurious cabin.

Screeeetch - less special? I do not want to los angeles after this insult. it is the cheapest offer to Ferrari stable, but it's just a part of the reason. The other reason is that i am among the "Special" with the "madman". I, a automobile crazy, Adoration of the F430 for his mental disorder. i am liking the way it crackling and barking and crying. i am liking the way it is for kids and inexperienced men growing acoustics attack, as they accelerates and changes with such violence, they are hysterical passengers. i like how its inhabitants are attacked with the feeling that all the small stones on the road to the bait in the aroma and the best materials.

2010 Ferrari California Driven Review

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