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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Lotus Exige Scura Auto Review 2010

Lotus Exige Scura Auto Review 2010
By "dark" in Italian translates the name "Scura" reflects the stealth of this already intense search for Lotus and its impressive soft-touch painted matte black. Cars Limited only 35 in all, this Exige is reminiscent of a wish, "Indulge your dark side." This is a serious looking automobile and performance improvements and weight reduction to the level of production Exige S in comparison means that the requirements Scura demands to be driven by a heavy.

Lotus Cars has unveiled its latest special edition - Requires Scura, known for his dramatic and matte black carbon-topic, the 2009 Tokyo International Motor Show.

Luke Bennett, director of Lotus Cars says: "The demands Scura is a vehicle that offers a great experience fueled adrenaline and is a real eye-catcher! Our customers pick us because Lotus Exige deliver exciting performance and dynamic design, this special issue is part the bill on both counts.

Contrasting high gloss "three bands Phantom Black" will lead to improve the length of the vehicle and a carbon fiber front splitter, blade cooling oil inlet, airscoops sides and rear spoiler, the distinction between different attractive textures and exaggerate the quality of the haptic touch the velvety surface painted black.

Lotus Exige Scura Auto Review 2010

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