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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Saleen 435S Mustang Auto Review 2010

Saleen 435S Mustang Auto Review 2010
This automobile continues the tradition of the Saleen with a limited edition of high performance cars for enthusiasts who want a fun, with refined handling for real-world conditions of the road.

2010 Saleen Performance Vehicles has introduced its first product, the Saleen 435s, based on the new Ford Mustang 2010. The launch took place during the annual "the Special Vehicle Team Owners Association Mustang Week" event. The 435s is the first automobile launched under a new owner Saleen in life after purchasing Saleen Inc. earlier this year.

"In these difficult economic times, our first automobile, wanted to offer more affordable," said Mike Shields, CEO of Saleen Performance vehicles. "It was created more for go than show was. They focused on performance & handling, & is a great platform to build, if a customer wants to take it further later."

The 435s is designed for cost-effective, high quality performance.

Heart of the performance of the automobile is 4.6 liter, 3-SOHC V8 engine, complete with a twin Saleen Series VI-screw compressor & three stage intercooler. This engine produces 435 hp power & 425 Nm of torque. It is equipped with a lid, 5-speed manual transmission & rear axle ratio of 3.73:1 with limited slip differential.

Saleen 435S Mustang Auto Review 2010

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