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Saturday, November 14, 2009

BMW M3 GTS News Car Reviews, M3 CSL Return

BMW M3 GTS News Car Reviews, M3 CSL Return
But it is not called CSL. It is called the GTS, which is a nice name, but not as nice as the CSL.

Massive opening hours Shouty alert line: The BMW M3 CSL is back!

But in all but name, is this: BMW spiritual successor to the light, the legendary M3 CSL, introduced at the SEMA show and on sale in Britain to go next year to over £ 100,000 prize .

Created primarily as a track-day special - but with the possibility for approval of the road - the GTS is lighter and more powerful than the M3 in stock.

Around 155 kg lighter and 30bhp more, to be precise, what a power to weight ratio of 300 hp per tonne.

The weight loss was achieved by stripping the automobile to the essential: GTS Racing seats, trim carbon fiber and a remarkable absence of sound-absorbing stuff, next to a race-spec cage reversal and appropriate six-point harnesses. The M3 is the air conditioning and sound method have been ruthlessly torn, .

V8, the M3 4.0-liter, as has been extensively reworked. Increased capacity of 4.4 liters, BMW M-Division has dealt with the naturally aspirated engine on aluminum pistons, a rigid casing, and a new voice wet sump. Although exact figures are not yet confirmed, it increases production V8 to something in the region of 450bhp, while maintaining its high-revving.

This requires an additional power muscled-up version of BMW's one speed double clutch transmission gears, clutch plates, the harder and more aggressive mapping program is.

You can find the new body kit Chunky discovered on the basis WTCC BMW 3 series and a rear wing adjustable. Less obvious is the standard suspension firmer-up - complete with rear subframe - and a new set of race-spec-caliper brakes front and rear.

BMW M3 GTS News Car Reviews, M3 CSL Return
BMW M3 GTS News Car Reviews, M3 CSL Return

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