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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Car Hybrid Future BMW's Hydrogen Review

Car Hybrid Future BMW's Hydrogen Review
BMW 7 Series Hybrid
The first BMW hybrid model in the popular Series 7 is available. Already examination, the automobile will run on both hydrogen and gasoline. The first challenge for developing this type of hybrid technology in comparison to cells, the other part of the manufacturer of hydrogen fuel in liquid form, it will be available through the engine.

With the announcement that BMW has developed various models for the hybrid vehicle in the coming years to introduce a new market segment is characterized - the luxury hybrids. Known for innovation, quality and style in the automotive industry standard, BMW entered the hybrid market is certainly a positive effect on the future of the present with non-fossil fuel vehicles engine.

Hydrogen Power
Unlike other manufacturers who focus on gas / electric hybrids, with the ultimate aim of producing all-electric vehicles, has nothing to do with BMW's plan electricity or batteries, heavy and pricey storage and supply of electricity to a vehicle required .

Since hydrogen at low temperatures and the condition of the engine compartment liquid is hot, hot to keep the hydrogen and the evaporation is a major challenge. Problems with transportation and storage of hydrogen filling stations is as well as a problem is to give as a fuel in places to fill space for motorists to the automobile owner practice.

BMW already has a automobile that runs entirely on water and with its proven technology that produces hydrogen from sunlight, they feel self-sustainable food production method with solar cells, the product of hydrogen, then the vehicle power is viable in the next ten years.

In to the Future
The engine will be used for BMW vehicles with hydrogen, the benefits they believe hydrogen has more alternative fuels such as gasoline, electricity and other solid fuels. Did not hydrogen won't cause harm to the environment and produce no exhaust fumes, it is a renewable energy sources, not natural resources that are not used lightly populated.

Map of BMW to produce finally a automobile that is exclusively produced by hydrogen by boiling water with solar energy (through solar cells) is certainly an exciting idea. Only time will tell whether they can deduct, but the amazing promise of what they are trying to do this hope a writer, what they do.

Car Hybrid Future BMW's Hydrogen Review
Car Hybrid Future BMW's Hydrogen Review
Car Hybrid Future BMW's Hydrogen Review

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