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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

BMW X6 xDrive 5.0i News Car Reviews

BMW X6 xDrive 5.0i News Car Reviews
The design of the BMW X6 combines the sporting elegance of a coupe with a potential off-road platform 4 × 4

Was the BMW X6 concept, unveiled at the IAA 2007, is the first offer for a new vehicle segment, the Sports Activity Coupe.


Is it an SAV or is it a sports sedan, set to the 'n dirty mag? Continue reading the review of the BMW X6 and choose for yourself.

Modellers have a name for it: kit-bashing. It is when combining the parts kits from different models to generate something new. That is exactly what has to generate the BMW X6. Sorta.

by John Matras

BMW X6 refers to 2008 as a new BMW Sports Activity Coupé (note the accent), as it calls the X3 and X5, although Utes Sports, Sports Activity Vehicles. , Around the body on frame construction typical SUV comparison, when the X5 arrived, giving the X5 its own classification seemed the right thing to do. Besides BMW basically could not produce something more prosaic than an SUV. What would the world come?

What the world has come, the new BMW X6.

The BMW X6 is the platform X5 SAV, the suspension of the same stocks, but with a slightly wider track. BMW describes the front suspension configuration as a "double-wishbone with the principle of mixed for dynamic lateral acceleration, superior tracking stability and minimization of forces on the wheel."
BMW X6 xDrive 5.0i News Car Reviews

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