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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Volkswagen Eos News Car Reviews

Volkswagen Eos News Car Reviews
From the gutsy 2.0T and VR6 engine options for its retractable hardtop and soft signs exterior design, the Eos is to break stereotypes. Androgynous? Maybe. But certainly not a chick automobile.

There is a general stereotype in automotive circles that Volkswagen convertibles, like the New Beetle convertible, and has always been quintessential chick cars. A manly man would never be caught dead alone in both, if the vanity plates read "L8E BUG" or "CUTECAB. It may be partly responsible to the legendary '80 's Flick, License to Drive. You know, with Heather Graham in his white convertible blasting Billy Ocean's "Get Outta My Dreams, Get In to My Car", as Corey Haim hops in the driver's chair. And with the introduction of the Volkswagen Eos - a hardtop convertible is called d According to a Greek goddess - it seems that the VW Cabrio stereotype would continue. But not so quick.

Driving Impressions

Our check vehicle was equipped with the 2.0T, 6 speed DSG automatic tranny, Luxury Package, navigation, stereo and Dynaudio Park Distance Control. The base price $ 30,110. But given the options, our tester came to $ 38,465 - a figure approaching Audi territory.

For a convertible, the Eos was rigid, although they still noticed some flex in the corners and cowl shake at highway speeds. Used with windows and windshields, the cabin was left time for interstate trips without losing your hairpiece, nor your hearing. With the increase, the cabin was not as calm as they expected. At highway speeds, yet they heard a noise behind the driver's side window. And 1500 rpm, regardless of speed, the exhaust from a low, rumbling Bassy, which made us mad.

A highlight of the Eos wonderful is derived from the standard 2.0-liter turbo engine of 1.8 liter engine that Volkswagen presents the changes since decades. The pumps 200 hp and 207 ft / lb during a production of over 30 mpg on the highway. On the Twisties, the Eos is fun, but not inspiring. It does not seem to be so moved, because the stock Continental tires squeal thank you to turn the slightest bit Spirited. They also had more frequent roasted radially whenever the turbo queued in gear first or second place. The Eos will certainly occur for a quantity of sporting achievement. The brakes were a small spongy, but for most drivers, the Eos is well to have fun.

The 6-speed automatic with DSG - a double clutch gearbox plate - shifted better than slushbox typical manumatic technique, but after playing between + and - for a few minutes, bored and put it in D . For real fun, nothing compares to the clutch and shift lever.


In recent years, Volkswagen has suffered from quality problems are mainly cars, which are mounted on this side of the Atlantic. But with the Eos, 60 percent of the parts come from France. The quality of construction, the Eos is obvious. Between the panels are a bit far, but in some places, entirely, the Audi interior components are specified and the Eos comes with a 4 year/50, 000 mile warranty. Of coursework, 40,000 rooms in the U.S. dollar, you can expect this kind of quality, regardless of brand.

Volkswagen Eos News Car Reviews

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