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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ford Fiesta News Car Reviews

Ford Fiesta News Car Reviews
Last year, we asked whether our city would be champion of the Vauxhall Corsa in a position to challenge the Ford Fiesta in 2009 - and the answer is simple: he could not. The fact that the winner of last year shows not even recognize this time as the industry competitive market.

What makes the dominance of the fiesta of its competitors even more impressive. If true, why ignore the baby blue oval so difficult? Well, that was the writing on the wall for his rivals from the outset, because Ford's cousins from the elegant city seems to have a stylish and perfect proportions. It is inside, where his new Smart is distinctive and spacious in equal measure.

In the interior of the Fiesta Classic offers a decent amount of storage space and the dynamic type of varnish that its competitors can only dream about. Driving comfort, refinement and processing all set new standards in the urban category, as Ford has the potential to do everything in order - even the prospect of a school or a trip to the supermarket - the participation and engagement trip.

With a wide range of engines and trim levels, there is a feast for all, and the entry of 1.25 liters of gasoline, the punchy 1.6 diesel, it's not a bad motor in the line-up. Latest wave of companies mean higher prices, it is not cheap - but then the best things in life rarely ...


If you want to look distinctive, Headquarters sewn in this sector. Combine its sporty styling and roomy cabin with affordable prices, and you have a great package. It was a slow start, but come with a diesel models, and that the optional DSG gearbox from Volkswagen, the Ibiza to recommend much.

Hyundai i20
For a brand that is recognized for its value, the Hyundai i20 offers much in the way of quality. The fact that they are not kept within limits the way behind the leaders, but the wide distribution of talent, spacious interior and intelligent, it provides an excellent complement to the city once. The Korean company is ideally warranty of five years only serves to enhance the attractiveness of the i20 too.

Mazda 2
These days, most women in the cities are thinly veiled small family. This is fine if you need the cabin and trunk - but not if you have a really compact dressing. That's where the brilliant Mazda 2 into the game, because its small size it apart in this society. Only a small start and indoor quality is disappointing to drop.

Ford Fiesta News Car Reviews

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