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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Mini celebrates 50th anniversary, Car News Reviews

Mini celebrates 50th anniversary, Car News Reviews
Ten artists who have seldom worked with a automobile that changes the medium Minis in real works of art. These artists & writers who contributed to the book project include: Smash137 Fabian Bertschinger, Marisa Pichler & Gigi Burn, Tika, euro, Aurèle Sack, Stefan GEE & Seak, August, Rémi Jaccard & Dieter Meier, known as name singer of the group Yello. Continued after the jump!

MINI Switzerland is a book that the work of ten artists who applied their talents on the MINI, has published. Nico Ammann, art director & photographer of the book, said the idea is to bring together in five volume a wide range of topics.

The MINI brand has long been associated with art, which the company has always been treated as a key concept in their marketing campaigns patients. What the artists found in the book have in common is that they have been involved in unconventional culture. The book is addressed to fans of MINI & design, art & photography enthusiasts. The book, with a limited edition of 2,000 pieces, is the beginning of November.

In addition, designer Alfredo Häberli has delivered five sketches & an news story. The creative writing entries were submitted by the author & journalist Michèle Roten & Prof. Dr. Jacqueline Otten, Director of Design at the Zurich University of Arts.

Mini celebrates 50th anniversary, Car News Reviews

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