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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ford Flex with EcoBoost 2010 Car News Review

Ford Flex with EcoBoost 2010 Car News Review
The Flex is seven of the first crossover, the Ford EcoBoost. With a 3.5-liter V-6 makes the Flex V-8 performance with V-6 fuel economy. The EcoBoost Flex (which is achieved only with all-wheel drive) rated fuel economy than the base four-wheel-drive Flex is at 16/22 mpg.

With the model of the year 2010, Ford's EcoBoost marking the start of his initiative, a plan that the most effective programming of the society in the coming years. Through the use of turbocharging & direct injection engines with tiny displacement, says Ford improved performance & fuel economy can offer. Das Unternehmen erwarte, dass es 1,3 Millionen EcoBoost Motoren auf der Straße bis zum Jahr 2013 zu machen und die Technologie bietet in 90 Prozent seiner Modelle.

There's lots of manufacturers of automobiles, the engine power of 10 hp to 20 detune on the route, the relatives, but the Flex gets the same 355 hp, which will boost Ford Taurus SHO, the Lincoln MKS & Lincoln MKT. Ford has decided that the first EcoBoost engine needs to focus more on performance than fuel economy by building a positive impression of the technology. Future Ford engines with turbocharger & direct injection of May, more attention to the side of the fuel economy equation. The torque is rated at 350 lb-ft & extends from 1500 to 5250 rpm. This plateau of flat torque curve that an explosion will be exciting & effective when the throttle is planted. Ford estimator of 0 until 60 mph acceleration takes place in about 7 seconds.

Technology in the EcoBoost engines from Ford is not revolutionary, but the plan of the company for the widespread assumption that is distinctive. The 3.5-liter V-6 min, seven turbochargers spin as fast as 170,000 rpm in order to force more air in to the engine while the fuel injectors spray fuel in to the cylinders, 2175 psi. Adding more air & fuel supplies additional energy to be replaced every combustion event.

EcoBoost cord all receive a manual shift mode for the five speed automatic transmission, steering wheel-mounted shift paddles. Pallets are a sizable and for the engine power, but could use some refinement. If the selector lever obtainable in the disk, the leaves can not be used to effect a downshift. In manual mode, the transmission downshifts rejoices at a pace fast to deliver, but sometimes it is not restrictive (& yes, they have said that). On several occasions they have asked much alter down, & press the Flex by coming down a gear - right on top of Redline required. To the whole round, the rough, matte surface on the plastic paddles seems irrelevant for the rest of the cabin compared done well.

Over an upgrade of the engine
The Flex with EcoBoost is over Flex with another engine. The engineers also suspension with stiffer springs, higher depreciation rates, & a ride height lowered by ten millimeters. Together with the already low guard & excellent body control, making subtle changes to the Flex seven of the best handling crossover on the market & do a nice job of concealing his weight of 4839 pounds.

Ford EcoBoost cable equipped with electric power steering (on the basis of Flex will continue to) use a hydraulic technique. The main advantage is that Ford is now able to integrate its Active Park Assist (see below), but the technique also adds a feature called pull-drift compensation. When the driver turned the wheel slightly to the vehicle on a straight path to the crown or to keep a strong crosswind, the computer recognizes & activates the drift compensation. By keeping the addition of tiny amounts of torque to the wheel in the middle that allows the driver to the effort to keep the wheel & reduce strengthened the right automobile.

Enthusiast's Crossover
Ford EcoBoost promotes benefits with a practical orientation: Towing with better fuel economy than the average. They agree that these are admirable attributes. But the drive came on winding mountain roads outside of Boulder, Colorado, they have to admire the EcoBoost Flex as something else: a crossover enthusiasts. With surprisingly confident body control & combined treatment produced Torque Monster with an experience the driving pleasure. Four-wheel drive provides sure-footed, & the paddle shifters permit us to rise & sink the spur gears & hold his hand.

To celebrate Flex towing power, Ford has taken Estes Park, Colorado at an altitude of about 7500 meters. Pull trailers loaded with 2,500 pounds of ATVs & dirt bikes, mountain roads, they were in a GMC Acadia, a Dodge Durango Hemi, & Ford Flex EcoBoost. While the naturally aspirated engines - a 3.6-liter V-6, Acadia, & 5.7-liter V-8 in the Dodge Durango - hissed from a lack of air, steam turbo EcoBoost kept Flex. At sea level, the HEMI engine & EcoBoost to a much nicer - but the earth is not flat. The Flex can pull up to 4500 kg & is equipped with an anti-sway of the trailer when equipped with the towing package.

Ford Flex with EcoBoost 2010 Car News Review

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