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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Volkswagen Touareg Hybrid Car 2010 News Review

Volkswagen Touareg Hybrid Car 2010 News Review
Here are two Sneak Peeks in one: the Volkswagen Touareg in these images represents a new hybrid technique that are offered not only a new Touareg will be launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September to life, but also in the new Porsche Panamera & Cayenne & - along with a smaller gasoline engine - the Audi Q5.

First hybrid VW May arrive late, but it is nice. On the side internal combustion is a 3.0-liter supercharged V-6 of the new Audi S4, 333 hp & 325 lb-ft of torque does. Directed with an AC motor with nickel-metal hydride, the total power technique is impressive, about 370 hp & 405 lb-ft. The electric motor drives the automobile can not support over a mile & at speeds up to 30 mph two engines is the same force, the drive shaft, a clutch allows the gasoline engine at speeds up to 90 mph will be done, cutting highway fuel consumption. An eight-speed automatic offers a range of conditions necessary to accomplish the Touareg 26 mpg efficiency target & maintain a towing capacity of 7700-pounds.

It looks like a GREEN MACHINE: Despite weighing about 5300 pounds, bolts Touareg line & achieved 60 km / h in 6.8 seconds of waiting, the Panamera light significantly improve performance. Our only criticism is the lack of feeling progressive regenerative braking, but they suspect, Porsche, & in particular will be corrected until the technique makes its way in to production.

Volkswagen Touareg Hybrid Car 2010 News Review

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