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Monday, December 28, 2009

Audi Car Reviews Audi electric R8

Audi Car Reviews Audi electric R8
The future of the Audi sports car is loaded in. This impressive superpower, e-tron - and Auto Express has taken over the streets of California for the leadership.

The R8 concept looks like a baby, but that's not music car show. It is also on sale in 2012 and is the Tesla Roadster electric version and a forthcoming Mercedes SLS rivals. In essence, e-Tron is a completely new platform, developed with a lithium-mid-mounted lithium-ion battery - the joint venture by Sanyo. There are four motors: two on the front and two on each side of the back. Overall, this engine produces 313bhp from zero rpm.

The body is constructed of carbon fiber composite material, which is an aluminum frame. Accordingly, e-Tron the scales at 1600 kg - not bad, if the batteries alone weigh a powerful 470 kg. Other features include an intelligent brake-by-wire ", which is a powerful ceramic discs - this as much energy as possible into the operation of the site includes top batteries.

So what is the speed of the car? Well, Audi claims 0-62 km / h in under five seconds, 40-70 km / h in around four seconds and a top speed is electronically to 124 km / h.. It would be higher if the drag does not drain batteries as much at these speeds.

A torque control system is used for sending power to individual wheels, it can provide strong treatment. In the standard mode, takes it a 30:70 rear bias in favor of the R8-style place again.

The e-tron has a range of 154 miles, while the battery can be recharged from a 400V power supply in two hours. Making a connection to a household outlet, and it takes six hours. The most striking thing about the car is its size. Although inspired by the R8, the body is not much bigger than a Ford Fiesta.

Anyway, it looks fantastic. Neat details include a metal that has a mobile component. It remains for maximum aerodynamic efficiency closed during normal driving, but can open the cooling system of the car.

There's more to LED lights are also seen. They work with a small camera and sat-nav to illuminate around the corner before the driver turns the steering wheel. In addition, they can rely on the rain or fog. There is no lever, but a simple selector from the center console. And instead of a regular panel, there is a fold-free flanked MMI cabin control screen analog scales - a speedometer and a meter. In addition, e-tron can speak to warn other vehicles, accidents and parking in the reserve.

The acceleration is quick as lightning, and even at highway speeds, it is accompanied by only a faint hum of the electric motor. This prototype uses a modified suspension R8, so is the ride down. But the car is agile, despite more difficult to identify.

While it is still in development, feels ready, the Audi showroom. And that's the point, says Thomas Krauter, Project e-Tron. "This is not just a show car is a fully functional prototype," he said. "Apart from some aluminum wheels remains the same street. We will also be a sound synthesis." But our biggest challenge will be to keep all electrical systems cool and take on the latest technology of the battery. "
Only 1,000 models will be built, each with £ 120,000. And the lack of infrastructure for electric car is a big problem. But if Audi will overcome this difficulty, the E-tron certainly a hit.

Rival: Tesla Roadster
Developed in collaboration with Lotus and Tesla is partly based on
the Elise, but it has a battery and electric motor power. It's fast and handles like a Lotus should be - but at a price of 90,000 pounds has hampered Estate Sales

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