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Monday, December 28, 2009

SEAT Leon Car new Reviews

SEAT Leon Car new Reviews
Styling / Image
A recent facelift has not much, reduce the visual impact of the Leon rapid. With its bold grille, arched roofline and sculpted flanks, the seat is unmatched in the style stakes. Buyers have a choice of six trim levels - S, S Emocion, SE, Sport, FR and Cupra. The models are entry-level steel rims look cheap with plastic strips, while the S versions Emocion top benefits of the product alloy. Eco-friendly motorists can take the S and SE versions of fuel-efficient Ecomotive Pick clothing. For performance enthusiasts, there is the FR and Cupra models are distinguished by a further wing, a lowered sport suspension and twin-chrome exhaust outlet.

Interior / Practice
Despite the use of superior materials, the latest in cabin Leon still lacks the elegant atmosphere of the VW Golf and Ford Focus. And thank you to the seat trim and the black plastic dashboard inside feels a little too dark. At least, is spacious, with room for five adults. Better yet, the five door layout convenient way decent, although the boot lip, it is difficult to lift heavy objects in the cargo space of 341 liters. There are plenty of kit, with all the computer models, more air conditioning and a trip. Earlier in the range you're on cruise control, involves a multi-wheel steering function, and privacy glass.

Engines / Performance
The Leon machines of its parent company VW, which means that buyers are not lacking in selection. Entry-level 1.4-liter engine and 1.6 liter gasoline, lack of desire and should be avoided, while the 123bhp turbocharged 1.4-liter TSI unit is a gem - powerful, frugal and refined. Diesel fans can choose between the gruff 1.9-liter TDI, or the torquey and refined 2.0-liter common-rail oil burner with either 138bhp or 168bhp. The RF is an ardent sports 208bhp 2.0-liter TSI engine from the Golf GTI. This will be increased to 238bhp Cupra. Five and six-speed manual transmission are standard, while the gearbox quick shift DSG is an option on most versions.

With a chassis of the VW Golf MkV it is not surprising to find the book Leon decent driving dynamics. Even entry level are surprisingly entertaining, with well-weighted head, strong grip and good body control. The FR and Cupra hot reinforced the new company XDS electronic limited-slip differential, the traction exiting corners. You also half-masted and stiffened suspension that sharpens responses in the corners, but also offers a bone-shaking ride.

Ownership Costs
Like all models in the SEAT line-up is that Leon decent value for money, undercutting rivals the most common. Choose a diesel version, and we can at least expect 50.4mpg, while the green-theme Ecomotive will squeeze out 62.8mpg. Gasoline engines are less impressive, although the 1.4TSI emits only 148g/km of CO2, which means an annual tax on the CD costs £ 120 Residual values are averages for most models, although the 1.9 TDI Ecomotive retains about 44 percent of its value after three years.

Safety / Environment
Before the lifting of Leon respectable four-star EuroNCAP rating guaranteed. All models have six airbags and electronic stability program, while the bi-xenon headlights and a tire pressure are additional options. Buyer wants to take to minimize their impact on the earth should Ecomotive, which emits 119 g CO2 per km - a significant reduction of 71g/km Cupra on fire.

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