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Monday, December 28, 2009

Ford Focus New Review Car Ford GGR RS370FR

Ford Focus New Review Car Ford GGR RS370FR
This very special Focus RS is based on a power trip! A standard RS 300 hp has never missed the performance, but stopped quickly Specialist Ford, Graham Goode Racing, turn the heat on the flagship of the Focus hatch blue oval. We drove the RS340 GGR in September, slightly heated, but it is now time, his big brother, the white-hot 175 mph GGR RS370FR to fight against the ...

Mechanical changes are far broader than just the ECU RS340 is new to you, even if the block is the same 2.5-liter turbo engine. A new intake of carbon air injectors big, big intercooler and all the material help, more fuel into the cylinder while the exhaust of large caliber and another ECU remap complete the changes. The result is a juicy 368bhp and 460nm of torque, and how the car works, everything is managed by the front tires.

In the interest of safety, Graham Goode Racing also offers an optional package AP Racing front brake. For £ 2294 you can replace the cap on the front with more than 362mm grooved discs, calipers clamping either black or bright red.

Graham Goode emphasizes that this (highway vehicles, therefore, the RF "in the self-title), not just a title tag is something special. And she probably lives up to its name. It n 'There is no formal 60 mph or 0-time, although acceleration of the line looks like the standard car, but once on his feet, gobsmacking performance in motion. We hit 160 mph on a test track closed and the car was still difficult to establish. Fortunately, the brakes upgrade wiped is the speed at ease - even if we badly pushed to spend recommend if you tiime much on track.

In the corners, has the same setting and attitude, as the RS stock, but avoid the sparing use of the butterfly is to turn the front tires and understeer called your path. As the couple RS340 GGR beef is inevitable, but it is much cheaper than you that you would essentially be expected to first wheel drive supercar. Our only regret is that the induction of additional noise from the standard model has a fantastic hidden five trill cylinder.

Rival: Subaru Impreza STI 330S
The fastest model of the Japanese company has officially offered the advantage 4WD Drive - Drop it's 0-60mph in just 4.4 seconds. Wave steering is our only quibble on what is undoubtedly the best Subaru Impreza now.

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