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Monday, December 28, 2009

Land Rover Freelander Series 1 Reviews

Land Rover Freelander Series 1 Reviews
The Land Rover Freelander SUV, is the favorite nation, with more than 200,000 examples of homes available in the UK alone since 1997.
Prices by only a few thousand pounds of used and attractive combination of car-type dynamic model, an excellent value for money and style, says Chip, his popularity on the square one from second-hand.

However, these all-terrain is not without headaches, and the first cars in particular, many gremlins face - what you will find the task of a good harder than you think. Here, we show you how to avoid pitfalls when buying baby Land Rover.

What to look for
The performance of the K-series 1.8-liter is not particularly good, while leading the four-cylinder and well-documented problems of cooling at the head of the joint failure and costly repairs. The unity of the gasoline V6 is thirsty, and when it comes to diesel models, the motor is avoided, according to Tu.

With hard use, fail Steptronic automatic transmission as standard for the V6 2.5 equipped. So discover for models with rods, which they were drawn - there are enough weak points in the process of the Freelander, without taking additional stress. Td4 the oil burner is only reasonable choice for most buyers.

Engines: Best Buy is the Td4. The 1.8 K-series has a very slight cooling, lead so that even small leaks in the air can be blown head gaskets. Check oil filler cap for white grease.

Transmission: can mean whining noise from the gearbox, differential or transmission wear, while a clonking bushes and joints suggests DRIVELINE must be replaced.

Leaks: look under the car, but remember the reason for the leakage of oil, gearbox and differential. Also be very suspicious of examples that have recently been treated with steam.

Cab wet: Water is often in the cockpit, so check footrest and a loading ramp. The carpet is mildew and rot can floorpans, so take a look in the right panel.

There was a time when the Land Rover had the 4x4 market to itself, but from Japanese rivals have stolen a march on the Freelander. Cars like the Nissan X-Trail, Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4 all offer superior reliability, with good dynamics, the space and adequate off-road performance. What they can not keep up with the affordability, image, and the availability of the Freelander.

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