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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ford Focus RS with 401 hp, Mcchip-dkr offers

Ford Focus RS with 401 hp, Mcchip-dkr offers
Mcchip-DKR has the exclusive program of upgrading of power for the Ford Focus RS, the output of small animals, the huge 401 hp and 612 Nm of torque increases public.

In fact, the software renowned German tuner is offered by the new program in two stages. Mcchip DKR-Level 1 includes only ECU Remap, which increases the Ford Focus RS engine, the serial number of its superior performance 345 hp and 520 Nm of torque. Price has increased to 799 euro, Level 1, the Hot Hatch V-max 271 km / h.

However, it is Mcchip DKR power level 2, which transforms the Focus of a sports car first. Thank you to a revised exchanger, sport exhaust system to the intake manifold and ECU recalibration, offers the new Focus RS is now an amazing 401 HP and 612 Nm of torque. Already on sale for € 4499, the impressive performance of stage 2 increases the speed of young athletes to 278 km / h.

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