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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Volkswagen Passat CC R-Line 2010

Volkswagen Passat CC R-Line 2010
Volkswagen has announced a powerful exclusive R-Line package for the Passat CC. Already in seven models from VW, the sporty R-Line package is now for the award-winning four-door coupe.

Outside of the new R-Line package adds a 17-inch (optional 18-inch) R-Line "Mallory-inch alloy wheels with 235/45 tires. A newly designed front spoiler and side skirts were painted in body color support for all smoked by an impressive R-Line logo and smoked rear lights included. The VW Passat CC R line interior differs from the norm of four plates in aluminum profile (with R line logo on the front) and the three branches cut leather steering wheel with multifunction buttons. The R-Line package also includes a pilot park and fog lamps.

The new R-Line package, if price tag at 2,200 euros and is available with all engines Passat CC.

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