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Friday, January 1, 2010

Skoda Yeti Auto New Reviews

Skoda Yeti Auto New Reviews
Finally! Auto Express has been pursuing the first magazine in the UK to the Yeti. After more than four years of waiting, was Skoda's first all-terrain - and we have traveled.

A turnover of around Cheeky anywhere in the SUV will start in September, when he lock horns with crossovers like the Nissan Qashqai and upcoming Mini Crossman.

Apart from some cosmetic tinkering and adding rear doors, the car is virtually unchanged from the concept at the Geneva Motor Show in Geneva, made his debut in 2005. It promises Skoda flexible and versatile yet to be - So, how does it shape up?

Well, as always, the Czech car from his rivals. Spots and a protective screen to give the Roomster own style against certain muscles, while he is in fact a skid plate and bumper piece.

Roof rails and a squat, due to a design that is more of a stricter, raised a series of aggressive 4x4 quit. Buyers looking for a stable model can be for a later version of Scout reason.

With a mere 4.2 meters long, the yeti is only slightly larger than a Citroen C3 Picasso, but it is big inside. There is ample head and legroom for adults back up three to six meters, and the boat is roomy enough for around 410 liters with the seats.

How can the Roomster, she slipped back individually folded flat or removed, the release of 1760 liters of space.

Additional comfort comes in the form of a hard tonneau cover net, and a multitude of tie-downs. In the meantime, the dashboard and the bodies of the outstanding notes, drawing mark on the Roomster and Superb with exceptional quality and a simple layout.

Under the skin of the Yeti has much in common with the Octavia 4x4 (itself based on the VW Golf MKV), but is generally in the rear suspension components from the Passat for better stability and sophistication.

The version that has led us to receive a four-wheel-drive with a Haldex coupling of the situation, different torque at each wheel, while offering in reality a front-wheel drive in normal driving.

Skoda offers only one third of the Yeti 4x4, the rest is just front-wheel drive, available with 105 hp a new 1.2-liter turbocharged petrol or 110bhp 2.0 TDI common-rail diesel.

Four-wheel-drive versions come with it 140 bhp or 170bhp Guise, and it will be a 1.8 turbo petrol and 160bhp. Transmissions are a six-speed manual and automatic gearbox DSG.

On the way to Norway, we tested 1.8-liter gasoline engine with 140 hp and 2.0 TDI diesel. Both are impressive, but it is only the green light, he has more torque (320Nm to 250Nm) to overtake, excellent fineness and the promise of nearly 50mpg and CO2 emissions of around 140 g / km.

The driving experience is also good. During the Yeti is not sport the same way that Ford Kuga, it feels so ordered a little higher, a number of slight but precise steering, strong grip and a firm, comfortable ride. The increased seat height offers a magnificent view.

We thank you, a downhill and a smart key on the street - and tweaks the throttle response, traction control and ABS are loose surfaces - the car can easily handle the steep streets and stoned softened.

Prices have not yet been confirmed, but the range should start at around EUR 14,000, should the yeti is superior to another Skoda.

Skoda Yeti Auto New Reviews

Skoda Yeti Auto New Reviews

Skoda Yeti Auto New Reviews

Skoda Yeti Auto New Reviews

Skoda Yeti Auto New Reviews

Skoda Yeti Auto New Reviews

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Nissan Cube Car Reviews

Nissan Cube Car Reviews
Bosses at Nissan are square with the big boys! The company is established between the fashion-conscious hatchbacks like the Mini and Fiat 500, with its richly decorated new cube.

The boxy design has been launched in Japan in 1998, but despite its popularity here has never been officially filed. Cubes imported built a cult following in the United Kingdom, however, and Nissan is looking to be valid to them, with the first right hand drive cars in the United Kingdom now. Take a look at the design dark and you love or hate. The Manga-style squared-off body and large blocks are sure to turn heads, as the raft of quirky features.

The Cube is the boat rolled onto its right side, so it opens like a conventional door. To assist loading, but limited access in tight spaces.

Inside, the layout is like nothing else to offer. Nissan designers claim to have themselves declared by Whirlpool, which are the dashboard swirling with water-drop pattern, which appears on the headliner, door speaker and other surfaces. Plastics have a touch less expensive than some competitors, but the interior remains stable and well built.

The sofa soft-like seats come in black or beige faux suede - brown or chocolate on the 500 car design limited edition show. In addition, the rear seat slides back and forth to 240mm for the legs and trunk volume increased.

Nissan, by far, the functionality of the lighting in the disco driver and front passenger footwell - it flashes and color changes constantly, then you're in the car. There is also a three-way glass panoramic roof and the cabin is really stunning!

Thank you to the vertical dimension of the cube, the seating position is high and visibility is excellent. But the brick-like aerodynamics and wind noise at speed is a problem - but Nissan is happy to admit that the most comfortable in the city streets than on freeways anyway. It is a similar story when it comes to performance. The engine of 108bhp 1.6-liter gasoline needs a good work-out to move the cube. Open the speed and the pace is appropriate - 0-62 mph takes 11.3 seconds - in the box five-speed manual provides a rapid and accurate.

A smooth CVT transmission is also available, and a 1.5-liter diesel with a six-speeder join the series in June

Nissan designers have done an excellent job with the Cube. There is nothing comparable on the market, it is obliged by a storm with buyers who want something a little different. Although not nearly as nimble as a Mini or Ford Fiesta, which is not the point lead. The Cube is all about image and individuality - and if your priorities are to buy, it is an ideal choice.

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2010 Mustang BOSS 302R, Ford Racing New Reviews

2010 Mustang BOSS 302R, Ford Racing New Reviews
Ford Racing presents the 2010 Boss Mustang 302R, the next generation Mustang Racing, in honor of the legendary Bud Moore Engineering Mustang Boss 302.The new factory built race car gets new 5.0-liter V8 engine with six speed manual gearbox, roll bar, racing seats, harnesses, data collection and race dampers / springs, and Brembo brakes and tire package.

Especially for the length of day and road races in a series designed by Grand-Am, SCCA and NASA classes, the new Boss Mustang 302R has an MSRP of $ 79,000. ) Equipped with a Grand-Am Special Registration Package (M-FR500-BOSS R1, it will be ready to compete in the Grand-Am Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge Series (formerly known as the Koni Challenge known). The price of the specially-equipped Mustang Boss 302R1 is $ 129,000.

"Has to keep up with consumer demand, Ford built modern versions of the Mustang of the most iconic performance through the years," said Jamie Allison, manager, Ford Motor North America. "Shelby to Bullitt, Mach and Cobra Jet, it is now time for BOSS in the list of most Mustangs join prestigious of America. The original BOSS 302 was winning a championship, and the new label Boss Mustang 302R continues the tradition. The Mustang was Born to race from the start, and this new Mustang is high to win. "

The BOSS Mustang 302R is an illegal street race car loans, limited only 50 units. The Grand Am equipped registration package BOSS 302R has a high sealed racing engine power with an improved cooling, a narrow six-speed gearbox with integrated shifter, a weld car body, chassis, race / Koni adjustable shock absorbers and ABS brakes, performance exhaust and race equilibrium at high speed of a shaft piece.

"We expect that the 302R manufactured BOSS continues the tradition of winning success with the factory production based race cars from Ford Racing, said Allison." The FR500 Mustang FR500C and road races and FR500CJ Mustang (Cobra Jet) for drag racing proved to be great cars for our customers and help teams win races and championships. We believe that the boss 302R that is not the same type of competitive products for our customers with the tradition you received from Ford Racing, makes available. "

2010 Mustang BOSS 302R, Ford Racing New Reviews

2010 Mustang BOSS 302R, Ford Racing New Reviews

2010 Mustang BOSS 302R, Ford Racing New Reviews

2010 Mustang BOSS 302R, Ford Racing New Reviews

2010 Mustang BOSS 302R, Ford Racing New Reviews

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Car Japanese Reviews, Pikachu Car Video Review

Car Japanese Reviews, Pikachu Car Video Review

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

S Tronic Car, Audi S4 Car Reviews

S Tronic Car, Audi S4 Car Reviews
The S-Tronic Audi S4 is a driver of downsizing, this time, but the "downsizing" is satisfied? Read our review to find out.
What is it?
The Audi S4 is a product of Audi sports car right-sizing strategy. And while that sounds Naff, this means that the big V8 is less polluted and less on the company's products, such as the S4, gone is the old V8 woofly Car replaced by a new 333hp supercharged V6.

How is it on the outside?
Except would R8 and TT, Audi design is not exactly what you want to bring to your attention. Part of the S4 a casual glance, and you would think that this is just another hawk Boggo 2,0 TDI by an early 20's type on the ALDI degrees are awarded control. But pull Anorak Audi, and you will be on-the-headlights, LED, quad exhaust, side skirts and fine - wait for it - Gate-silver mirror. The S4 really brings the b in subtle, but the number of the car - an allusion to view its performance potential, but it does not seem as bizarre as the top model RS4 should be at the end of 2010 happened.

How is it on the inside?
The interior of the S4 is a case similar to the outside. There are some great body-hugging sports seats, carbon trim on the center console and a chunky, sport steering wheel, but nothing unusual. But after a few miles from the car, in the S4, you advertise with its mix of comfort and convenience, the heated seats, like they were melting in my pants feel - in the right direction - for the MMI system you are with the Stereo controls allow navigation and air with ease. All this is a sensible choice.

How to ride?
The big problem with the S4 engine. Gone are the V8 instead woofly replaced by a cleaner, more powerful V6 supercharged engine 333hp. And to be honest, you miss the V8 for about three, maybe four seconds. A prod of the accelerator results in an immediate response to overfeeding, grrrr, a metal plate from the engine, and pull on the way to a major step. Audi has the linear shaft torque naturally aspirated V8, the minute you have to offer in the regulation of the V6 to 90% of its torque at just 2,200 rpm voted. Overtaking is a breeze.

The engine is only part of the package. My car had the S Tronic DSG, which makes the power increase to the four wheels, almost seamlessly, and away from sports option, which sends more torque to the outside rear wheel during cornering to keep embedded in the nose in. Everything works so well brought Confidence serious sport still feeling because it feels like one of the heckbetonte Audi sedans, the company has ever done.

And if you only tool in town, the S4 is also pleasant and Benin, the A4 normal, especially if you opt for adjustable shock absorbers, which have a firm but comfortable ride. The direction is clear, even though it feels artificial.

The Audi S4 S Tronic £ 36,825 fee. But the problem is the S4, that all these things that this car has a very good figure on the list of options. So if you are the adaptive shock absorbers, decent stereo spec, clean, Sat Nav and so on, is the price too close to the impressive and more than 50 pounds Large BMW M3. On the other side of the S4 is so competent that when it was just more exciting, we almost do not recognize what the point in a new RS4.

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Carrera S 2009 Porsche 911 Car Reviews

Carrera S 2009 Porsche 911 Car Reviews
Simply a pleasure to drive. I said, this time 58,490,358,903,458,390 but it remains true: No other car offers the tactile sensation, a purity of the fact that driving a Porsche 911 and perhaps the best example. Management is about money - so you instant feedback as the car. I never got sick of seeing either. Behind the second generation 997 is slight redesign is one of the greatest sports cars of the moment.

The car is a rocket and I never get tired of the flat-six sounds awesome. Personally, I prefer the Porsche PDK transmission, but there is nothing wrong with this guide.

With two people and a little baggage car on the practical limitations and provides an awesome long-distance cruiser. The new 911 is a bit more refined than its predecessor.

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Monday, December 28, 2009

Audi Car Reviews Audi electric R8

Audi Car Reviews Audi electric R8
The future of the Audi sports car is loaded in. This impressive superpower, e-tron - and Auto Express has taken over the streets of California for the leadership.

The R8 concept looks like a baby, but that's not music car show. It is also on sale in 2012 and is the Tesla Roadster electric version and a forthcoming Mercedes SLS rivals. In essence, e-Tron is a completely new platform, developed with a lithium-mid-mounted lithium-ion battery - the joint venture by Sanyo. There are four motors: two on the front and two on each side of the back. Overall, this engine produces 313bhp from zero rpm.

The body is constructed of carbon fiber composite material, which is an aluminum frame. Accordingly, e-Tron the scales at 1600 kg - not bad, if the batteries alone weigh a powerful 470 kg. Other features include an intelligent brake-by-wire ", which is a powerful ceramic discs - this as much energy as possible into the operation of the site includes top batteries.

So what is the speed of the car? Well, Audi claims 0-62 km / h in under five seconds, 40-70 km / h in around four seconds and a top speed is electronically to 124 km / h.. It would be higher if the drag does not drain batteries as much at these speeds.

A torque control system is used for sending power to individual wheels, it can provide strong treatment. In the standard mode, takes it a 30:70 rear bias in favor of the R8-style place again.

The e-tron has a range of 154 miles, while the battery can be recharged from a 400V power supply in two hours. Making a connection to a household outlet, and it takes six hours. The most striking thing about the car is its size. Although inspired by the R8, the body is not much bigger than a Ford Fiesta.

Anyway, it looks fantastic. Neat details include a metal that has a mobile component. It remains for maximum aerodynamic efficiency closed during normal driving, but can open the cooling system of the car.

There's more to LED lights are also seen. They work with a small camera and sat-nav to illuminate around the corner before the driver turns the steering wheel. In addition, they can rely on the rain or fog. There is no lever, but a simple selector from the center console. And instead of a regular panel, there is a fold-free flanked MMI cabin control screen analog scales - a speedometer and a meter. In addition, e-tron can speak to warn other vehicles, accidents and parking in the reserve.

The acceleration is quick as lightning, and even at highway speeds, it is accompanied by only a faint hum of the electric motor. This prototype uses a modified suspension R8, so is the ride down. But the car is agile, despite more difficult to identify.

While it is still in development, feels ready, the Audi showroom. And that's the point, says Thomas Krauter, Project e-Tron. "This is not just a show car is a fully functional prototype," he said. "Apart from some aluminum wheels remains the same street. We will also be a sound synthesis." But our biggest challenge will be to keep all electrical systems cool and take on the latest technology of the battery. "
Only 1,000 models will be built, each with £ 120,000. And the lack of infrastructure for electric car is a big problem. But if Audi will overcome this difficulty, the E-tron certainly a hit.

Rival: Tesla Roadster
Developed in collaboration with Lotus and Tesla is partly based on
the Elise, but it has a battery and electric motor power. It's fast and handles like a Lotus should be - but at a price of 90,000 pounds has hampered Estate Sales

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SEAT Leon Car new Reviews

SEAT Leon Car new Reviews
Styling / Image
A recent facelift has not much, reduce the visual impact of the Leon rapid. With its bold grille, arched roofline and sculpted flanks, the seat is unmatched in the style stakes. Buyers have a choice of six trim levels - S, S Emocion, SE, Sport, FR and Cupra. The models are entry-level steel rims look cheap with plastic strips, while the S versions Emocion top benefits of the product alloy. Eco-friendly motorists can take the S and SE versions of fuel-efficient Ecomotive Pick clothing. For performance enthusiasts, there is the FR and Cupra models are distinguished by a further wing, a lowered sport suspension and twin-chrome exhaust outlet.

Interior / Practice
Despite the use of superior materials, the latest in cabin Leon still lacks the elegant atmosphere of the VW Golf and Ford Focus. And thank you to the seat trim and the black plastic dashboard inside feels a little too dark. At least, is spacious, with room for five adults. Better yet, the five door layout convenient way decent, although the boot lip, it is difficult to lift heavy objects in the cargo space of 341 liters. There are plenty of kit, with all the computer models, more air conditioning and a trip. Earlier in the range you're on cruise control, involves a multi-wheel steering function, and privacy glass.

Engines / Performance
The Leon machines of its parent company VW, which means that buyers are not lacking in selection. Entry-level 1.4-liter engine and 1.6 liter gasoline, lack of desire and should be avoided, while the 123bhp turbocharged 1.4-liter TSI unit is a gem - powerful, frugal and refined. Diesel fans can choose between the gruff 1.9-liter TDI, or the torquey and refined 2.0-liter common-rail oil burner with either 138bhp or 168bhp. The RF is an ardent sports 208bhp 2.0-liter TSI engine from the Golf GTI. This will be increased to 238bhp Cupra. Five and six-speed manual transmission are standard, while the gearbox quick shift DSG is an option on most versions.

With a chassis of the VW Golf MkV it is not surprising to find the book Leon decent driving dynamics. Even entry level are surprisingly entertaining, with well-weighted head, strong grip and good body control. The FR and Cupra hot reinforced the new company XDS electronic limited-slip differential, the traction exiting corners. You also half-masted and stiffened suspension that sharpens responses in the corners, but also offers a bone-shaking ride.

Ownership Costs
Like all models in the SEAT line-up is that Leon decent value for money, undercutting rivals the most common. Choose a diesel version, and we can at least expect 50.4mpg, while the green-theme Ecomotive will squeeze out 62.8mpg. Gasoline engines are less impressive, although the 1.4TSI emits only 148g/km of CO2, which means an annual tax on the CD costs £ 120 Residual values are averages for most models, although the 1.9 TDI Ecomotive retains about 44 percent of its value after three years.

Safety / Environment
Before the lifting of Leon respectable four-star EuroNCAP rating guaranteed. All models have six airbags and electronic stability program, while the bi-xenon headlights and a tire pressure are additional options. Buyer wants to take to minimize their impact on the earth should Ecomotive, which emits 119 g CO2 per km - a significant reduction of 71g/km Cupra on fire.

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Land Rover Freelander Series 1 Reviews

Land Rover Freelander Series 1 Reviews
The Land Rover Freelander SUV, is the favorite nation, with more than 200,000 examples of homes available in the UK alone since 1997.
Prices by only a few thousand pounds of used and attractive combination of car-type dynamic model, an excellent value for money and style, says Chip, his popularity on the square one from second-hand.

However, these all-terrain is not without headaches, and the first cars in particular, many gremlins face - what you will find the task of a good harder than you think. Here, we show you how to avoid pitfalls when buying baby Land Rover.

What to look for
The performance of the K-series 1.8-liter is not particularly good, while leading the four-cylinder and well-documented problems of cooling at the head of the joint failure and costly repairs. The unity of the gasoline V6 is thirsty, and when it comes to diesel models, the motor is avoided, according to Tu.

With hard use, fail Steptronic automatic transmission as standard for the V6 2.5 equipped. So discover for models with rods, which they were drawn - there are enough weak points in the process of the Freelander, without taking additional stress. Td4 the oil burner is only reasonable choice for most buyers.

Engines: Best Buy is the Td4. The 1.8 K-series has a very slight cooling, lead so that even small leaks in the air can be blown head gaskets. Check oil filler cap for white grease.

Transmission: can mean whining noise from the gearbox, differential or transmission wear, while a clonking bushes and joints suggests DRIVELINE must be replaced.

Leaks: look under the car, but remember the reason for the leakage of oil, gearbox and differential. Also be very suspicious of examples that have recently been treated with steam.

Cab wet: Water is often in the cockpit, so check footrest and a loading ramp. The carpet is mildew and rot can floorpans, so take a look in the right panel.

There was a time when the Land Rover had the 4x4 market to itself, but from Japanese rivals have stolen a march on the Freelander. Cars like the Nissan X-Trail, Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4 all offer superior reliability, with good dynamics, the space and adequate off-road performance. What they can not keep up with the affordability, image, and the availability of the Freelander.

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Ford Focus New Review Car Ford GGR RS370FR

Ford Focus New Review Car Ford GGR RS370FR
This very special Focus RS is based on a power trip! A standard RS 300 hp has never missed the performance, but stopped quickly Specialist Ford, Graham Goode Racing, turn the heat on the flagship of the Focus hatch blue oval. We drove the RS340 GGR in September, slightly heated, but it is now time, his big brother, the white-hot 175 mph GGR RS370FR to fight against the ...

Mechanical changes are far broader than just the ECU RS340 is new to you, even if the block is the same 2.5-liter turbo engine. A new intake of carbon air injectors big, big intercooler and all the material help, more fuel into the cylinder while the exhaust of large caliber and another ECU remap complete the changes. The result is a juicy 368bhp and 460nm of torque, and how the car works, everything is managed by the front tires.

In the interest of safety, Graham Goode Racing also offers an optional package AP Racing front brake. For £ 2294 you can replace the cap on the front with more than 362mm grooved discs, calipers clamping either black or bright red.

Graham Goode emphasizes that this (highway vehicles, therefore, the RF "in the self-title), not just a title tag is something special. And she probably lives up to its name. It n 'There is no formal 60 mph or 0-time, although acceleration of the line looks like the standard car, but once on his feet, gobsmacking performance in motion. We hit 160 mph on a test track closed and the car was still difficult to establish. Fortunately, the brakes upgrade wiped is the speed at ease - even if we badly pushed to spend recommend if you tiime much on track.

In the corners, has the same setting and attitude, as the RS stock, but avoid the sparing use of the butterfly is to turn the front tires and understeer called your path. As the couple RS340 GGR beef is inevitable, but it is much cheaper than you that you would essentially be expected to first wheel drive supercar. Our only regret is that the induction of additional noise from the standard model has a fantastic hidden five trill cylinder.

Rival: Subaru Impreza STI 330S
The fastest model of the Japanese company has officially offered the advantage 4WD Drive - Drop it's 0-60mph in just 4.4 seconds. Wave steering is our only quibble on what is undoubtedly the best Subaru Impreza now.

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Nissan Murano 2010 Car New Overview

Nissan Murano 2010 Car New Overview
2010 Nissan Murano Crossover Offers remain distinctive design, interior comfort and advanced technology

The Nissan Murano has launched since its first introduction six years ago, a well-deserved reputation as a vehicle mid-utility crossover sport like no other. The combination of a distinctive visual appearance and comfortable "mobile suite" from the inside, the performance and the latest technology - adapted with the required quality and value of the Nissan - Murano is a vehicle that is often copied but never duplicated.

Now entering its second year of offering its conception of the second generation Murano continues to the premium style (ride and technology at an affordable price, with a number of improvements, including the introduction of a Murano LE all-wheel-drive, the previously available Murano S FWD, Murano S AWD, Murano SL FWD, Murano SL AWD and LE AWD Murano models occurs).

Further improvements for model year 2010, including the addition of Nissan's Intelligent Key ™, and privacy glass as standard on all models by a security system for vehicles and roof rails as standard Murano SL and the dual panel moon roof standard on Murano LE. All models are also simplified combinations of exterior and interior.

As in 2009, have all 2010 Murano a powerful and fuel efficient 265 hp VQ-series 3.5-liter DOHC V6 and an advanced Xtronic CVT ™ (Continuously Variable Transmission) - a combination that provides a sporty and smooth driving experience. Murano is available in front-wheel drive, with a very intuitive traction system, and all Murano 2010 are standard with Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) with traction control (TCS) for all weather confidence.

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